Excited About Expo 2020 Dubai? Here’s What You Need to Know!

The Dubai Expo 2020 is a months-long event that is drawing investors, businesses, and talent from around the world to celebrate innovation and technology. Since its opening festivities, this celebration has seen world leaders, famous personalities, and intellectuals visit to perform, give speeches, or hold discussions.

But not everything is business-related! This massive event is bringing tourists to the UAE to enjoy lavish vacations, see one-in-a-lifetime performances, and take in wonderous attractions. It makes sense that just about anyone would be excited to take part in this festival, but where does one start?

Let’s take a quick look at some questions you may have:

1. Do I need a visa to enter Dubai?

Answer: This depends on your nation of origin. Citizens of some nations are given the option of visas upon arrival, others may need to submit an application prior to entering the UAE.

2. How long is my visa valid?

Answer: Visas are typically valid for 60 days from the date issued, with the exception of a 48 and 96-hour transit visa, which is valid for just 30 days.

3. What do I need before traveling to Dubai?

Answer: Prior to traveling to the region, you’ll want to make sure that your passport is valid for a minimum of six months, and you may need to acquire a pre-arranged visa depending on your nationality.

4. Can I get a visa upon arrival?

Citizens of more than 40 nations do not require any pre-arranged visas to enter Dubai. Citizens of GCC countries and those from the United States are eligible for a visa upon arrival.

Indian citizens may also be eligible for a visa on arrival. These include Indian citizens that hold a normal passport and

• A green card issued by the USA

• A residency visa issued by the UK

• A residency visa issued by the EU

• A visit visa from the USA


Available Visa Options

If you hail from a region that is not part of the pre-arranged visa program, there are a number of visa options available to you. These include:

1. Tourist Visa 30 or 90-day

Tourist visas are a great option for tourists visiting the region. Depending on your visitation plans, tourist visas can be issued at 30 or 90-day intervals, allowing for both single and multiple entries.

• Tourist Visas Purchased Through Agencies

There are a select number of businesses in the UAE that can arrange tourist visas for you, provided hotel reservations and travel is done through approved sources. Tourism agencies sometimes offer tourist packages to the UAE that handle everything for you. Approved agency types include:

1. Travel agents

2. Airlines

3. Hospitality-based

4. Family and Friends-based Visas

Despite being subject to guidelines, UAE residents are allowed to submit visa applications for friends and family.

2. Transit Visas

A transit visa is available for all passport holders and is offered in 48 or 96-hour increments. This visa type is great for those that only expect to spend a minimal amount of time in the nation.

• Service Requirements

In order to acquire a transit visa, you’ll need to submit the following:

• An airline ticket that displays your connecting flight. This flight may not be less than eight hours after you land and may not exceed 96 hours.

• A valid hotel reservation in the UAE

• Service Procedures

When submitting an application for a transit visa, you’ll need to:

• Visit the airline you intend to use

• Submit your request for a 96-hour permit with the airline

• Upon processing, you’ll receive an official approval

• Complete any remaining paperwork with the immigration officers

• Who Uses a Transit Visa

The UAE government has decreed that if you hail from a nation that is not part of the visa on arrival program, you must submit a request for a transit visa instead.

• Who Can Apply?

Your transit visa can be submitted by select UAE-based airlines. If you schedule your trip through a travel agency or consultancy, the visa application will be submitted for you through the airline.

3. Long-term Multiple Entry Tourist Visas

For those hoping to visit the UAE on a regular basis, there is a great visa option available. This 5-year, multiple-entry tourist visa allows tourists to come and go on a regular basis.

• Does this visa require a sponsor?

This visa does not require UAE-based sponsorship. Tourists are allowed to apply on their own merit.

• What’s the Duration of This Visa?

Tourists are allowed 90 days per visit, with an option to extend it to 90 days. This process is valid for a period of five years.

• How to Apply for the Five-Year Tourist Visa

The steps to apply for your five-year visa are straightforward. You’ll need to:

• Log onto the ICA website at www.ica.gov.ae

• Find and select ‘E-Channel Services’ from the main site directory

• Select ‘Public Services’

• Select the Service Visa Multi-trip option

• Complete the application, attaching a copy of your medical insurance, a bank statement for the last six months that shows a minimum of $4,000

• Review your application

• Pay the application fee of AED 650

Additionally, prior to booking a trip, you’ll want to check the most recent updates regarding PCR tests and vaccine requirements in the region.


How MSZ Consultancy Can Help Your Visa Application

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