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Investors and business professionals around the world are flocking to the United Arab Emirates. This Arab sheikdom booms with business, education, and industrial improvements. How are they setting themselves apart? Unlike most of their neighboring countries, the UAE is now offering foreigners citizenship. This is an extraordinary change, as investors have previously viewed the country as a temporary cash cow. With enticements such as low taxes and multiple types of visas, the country is now inviting investors to make the UAE their home.

What Kinds of Visas are available?

If you are looking to visit, or take the United Arab Emirates up on their offer of citizenship, you need to know that there are multiple types of visas available. Some visas are professional, while others have more recreational purposes. Let’s examine eight different visas you can get to visit the UAE:

1. Visit Visa

The first visa type is a Visit Visa. Visit visas are short term visas that allow you to be in the country for either thirty days or ninety days. These visas should be sponsored by family members or friends currently living in the United Arab Emirates, and you are not permitted to get a job or work in the UAE with them.

2. Tourist Visa

Tourist visas are very similar to visit visas, however, they are not sponsored by a family member or friend. They are sponsored by an airport, hotel, or travel agent. These are not professional visas, so they do not allow you to obtain a job or work while in the United Arab Emirates, but you can extend them for thirty days twice.

3. Residence Visa

Residence visas are one of the visas that allow you to work and obtain a job. These visas vary in length from two to three years, depending on where you are located and your financial status. If you are a large investor, or own a business in the free zone, your visa lasts for three years, and may even be considered long term. However, if you do not fall into one of those categories, your residence visa will likely expire in two years.

4. Business Visa

Business visas are a new type of visa that allows savvy business owners the ability to live in the country and get settled for up to six months. A well thought out business plan with immediate implementation in the UAE is required, and, if your business is successful, you must apply for a residence visa once the initial six months is up.

5. Mission Visa

Mission visas are short term visas that allow you to work. The government of the UAE provides these visas, and they expire after ninety days. These visas allow you to earn a salary and provide you with a labor card. However, you are not permitted to work or stay in the country after the allotted ninety days. You will be fined if you outstay your visa.

6. Student Visa

Student visas are designed for anyone wishing to attend a college or university in the UAE. Traditionally, these visas last for one year at a time and must be renewed after the student provides proof of continued enrollment. Recently, a new style of student visa was introduced. This visa lasts for five years and does not have to be renewed yearly.

7. eVisa for GCC residents

Gulf Corporation Council residents can purchase a specific visa. These types of visas are purchased online and must be purchased before you arrive in the UAE. You must ensure that you have a sponsor traveling with you. Please note that the GCC resident visa is valid for thirty days before you enter the country and allows you to stay in the country for thirty days. You can extend this visa once for thirty more days.

8. Retirement Visa for UAE Residents

The UAE government has recently approved a visa for retired residents. The residents must be over fifty-five years old, and the visa lasts for five years. This visa can be renewed; however, you must meet certain financial criteria. You must have invested AED 2 million worth of property, have at least AED 1 million in savings, and have an income of at least AED 20,000 per month.

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Preparing for Your Visa

Getting any type of visa to the United Arab Emirates is not a difficult process. However, it can be tedious. You need official documentation to apply for a visa and need detailed financial records for Dubai investor visas or Dubai employment visas. All visa applications can be done online, making the process much more quickly. It is critically important that you have your invitation from a family member or close friend. The UAE requires all tourists and visitors to have a documented invitation before they can obtain any type of visa.

Aside from the invitation, you should be sure that you have all the standard documentation that traveling requires. You must have a valid passport. Please note that you cannot obtain any type of visa to the United Arab Emirates if your passport has not been valid for at least six months. This means that, if you plan to visit the UAE and do not have a passport, you need to obtain your passport at least six months in advance.

A valid passport and an invitation are the most common documents necessary for all types of visas to the UAE. However, please be aware that every type of visa requires slightly different documentation. Many of the visas for the UAE are professional visas and will require financial documentation.

What Do I Need to Get My Visa?

To obtain any type of visa, there are certain documents you must submit. If you desire a visa for personal purposes, you will need documents proving that. These are different than the requirements for a Dubai investor visa or Dubai employment visas, which require more financial documentation than visiting visas.

Here are some of the documents you need to have on hand when applying for a professional visa or personal visa:

  • A passport that’s been valid for at least six months
  • Your ticket to the UAE, as well as your return ticket to your home country
  • Your marriage certificate*
  • An invitation letter
  • Your host’s passport and ID
  • Your ID
  • Your financial information

Not all of these documents are required for every type of visa, but it is a good idea to have them readily available when applying for your visa. Women may need extra documentation if they are not traveling with their families. Consider having pictures of you with your family on hand in case your visa application requires it. This is often the case with a student visa, more so than a professional visa.

*This is only required if you are recently married, and your spouse is not yet confirmed on your passport.

Am I Eligible?

As we previously explained, multiple types of documentation are required for visiting the United Arab Emirates and Dubai. However, you typically only need to meet one of three main criteria to be eligible for a visa to the UAE.

The first major criterion is that you meet normal travel requirements. This varies, depending on your status. United States citizens only need to have a valid passport and confirmed round-trip airline tickets. Non-US citizens will need a valid passport and a tourist visa to enter the country.

The second criterion is meeting specific financial requirements. Visas such as the Dubai investor visa require you to have a certain amount of assets, investments, or savings.

The third criterion is that you have a family invitation. Family members are permitted to enter the country with a visit visa that is valid for either thirty or ninety days.

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