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Do you want to protect your trademark? Then, submission of the following documents will ease your registration process!

Essential Documents for Trademark Registration

  1. An application for registration of the trademark
  2. 14 prints of the trademark, the sizes being: (5 x 6) cm or (6 x 7) cm, on a self-adhesive paper
  3. An Official Arabic translation if the trademark is a word mark which is in a ‘foreign language’
  4. Copy of the license (Trade – Professional – Services) and a copy of the passport of the owner (of the sole proprietorship corporation)
  5. A CD with the logo of size 4 x 4 cm and 315 x 315 Pixels “JPG” with the form

Extra documents applicable for foreign investors:

  1. Copy of the Power of Attorney (English and Arabic) issued to the trademark agent, legalized up to UAE Ministry of foreign affairs.
  2. Copy of the license of the Trademark Agent