The Intelaq License

Dubai, long known for its place as one of the largest global trading hubs, has launched an initiative for small-scale and home-based business owners. This license enables entrepreneurs to open and operate home-based business activities.

For investors, entrepreneurs, and business owners, the Intelaq license is a great way to conduct small-scale business activities. These businesses are 100% owned by their creators and cover a wide variety of different business activities. From consultancy experts to training, apparel sales, interior design, real estate, and more.

So, if you’ve been considering applying for an Intelaq trade license in Dubai, you’re on the right track! Below, we’ll go into deeper detail about the Intelaq license, new reforms, and how you can complete your business formation in Dubai.

The Intelaq License Initiative

Recently the Intelaq license process has been expanded by the Dubai SME, extending licensing services and establishment cards to entrepreneurs forming food trade or food preparation-based jobs. This license now grants owners the ability to conduct small-scale food-based businesses from their homes. This expansion now allows up to 19 different food trade activities. Additionally, this initiative facilitates other changes, including:

• Intelaq licenses now allow 100% ownership for UAE nationals, citizens, and members of other GCC countries.
• Food preparation activities now include candies, desserts, and confectionery treats. Snacks, ice cream, and all traditional sweets are part of this change.
• 19 food trade activities now include food and beverage sales, child food products, baby food, dairy products, sugar, teas, coffee, spices, chocolates, honey products, and more!
• Food products falling under Intelaq will need to be registered through the federal ZAD Portal before they can be imported.
• Applicants are not permitted to have more than one Intelaq license.
• In addition to food services, there are more than 1,700 different business activities permitted under an Intelaq license.

Operating a Small or Medium-Sized Business in Dubai

For investors and entrepreneurs, owning and operating a small business is a lucrative way to develop income, build a brand, and take advantage of a business-friendly market. But it’s not without its caveats. There are specific rules and criteria for securing this trade license in Dubai.

For example, for food-based products, business owners must include kitchen spaces outside of the home and will need to specify the operating hours. SME officials and other authorities will also enter the premises and conduct inspections as necessary.

Licenses will also be given for five-year periods, with the ability to transfer this license into a full commercial license. Commercial licenses must be renewed annually.

Obtaining an Intelaq License in Dubai

The process of starting any business is a journey and one that requires an ample amount of research and effort for success. Many entrepreneurs that are unfamiliar with conducting business in the UAE will seek the assistance of third-party business consultants, like MSZ Consultancy. These business experts have the ability to streamline business operations, identify best practices, and handle important paperwork such as license applications and visa renewals.

But if you choose to apply for a trade license in Dubai on your own, having a comprehensive grasp of the system is a massive benefit for new business owners. Here are some of the things you’ll need to keep in mind:

• Companies operating under this license must be fully owned and operated by an individual from the UAE or from a GCC nation.
• Applicants must choose a location in Dubai.
• Applicants are only permitted to hold a single Interlaq license at a time.
• License holders are allowed to hire up to three employees.

The application process for any business license in the UAE is designed to be streamlined, approachable, and business-friendly. However, if you’re a foreign national and are unfamiliar with these processes, it can be a bit of a challenge. Let’s discuss some of the documents you’ll need to have handy when applying for trade license registration.

• Copies of Passport
• Copies of national ID cards
• Copies of lease contracts
• A map of the premises
• Ownership deed
• An NOC, or No Objection Certificate, from the landlord or owner

Steps for Applying for a Business License

There are several steps you’ll encounter to secure your business license. These include:

1. Choose a Trade Name

You’ll want to choose a name for your company! This trade name must be approved by the Department of Economic Development (DED) and may not include previously taken names or titles that include profanity.

2. Choose a Business Location

The location of your business is extremely important as it directly affects your business potential. Choose between several business locations, including Mainland Dubai, or one of Dubai’s many Free Zones.

3. Gather Documentation and Submit the Application

At this stage, you’ll need to submit the required documents.

4. Pay Fees and Receive License

After you’ve submitted your application, you’ll need to pay the trade license fees in Dubai. Once you’ve paid all necessary fees, you’ll just need to wait for your business license to be fully approved. Most business applications are returned quickly and can be completed within a few days.

The Benefits of Obtaining an Intelaq License

There are wide array of benefits and advantages to operating a small-to-medium sized business, including:

• Tons of administrative assistance, including logistical help for new companies on all platforms
• Comprehensive strategies for new businesses to help all stages of development
• Wide range of partners across many different industries
• Membership for Intelaq’s platform that helps business owners
• A vast number of tax-related benefits allow business owners to maximize their profits
• A business-friendly environment that promotes diverse business activities
• A strong, well-established infrastructure, including highways, transportation, and even lightning-fast internet access

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