No morning commute, no dropping by at your colleague’s desk to say hello, no lunch at your favourite restaurant near your office. The daily routine has now been changed drastically due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in many individuals working from home. Working from home creates a lot of challenges for every employee to stay productive during these times. Are you also facing issues with managing your work and handling your anxiety at the same time? Are you unable to manage employees working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic? This blog provides you with a few tips on the same.

Tips to manage employees working from home during COVID-19 pandemic

  1. Get all your employees on the same page during work :

    It is very important to encourage your employees to maintain their regular working hours and take breaks at lunchtime. Sharing cloud-based calendars are one of the best ways to see the availability of the employees when managing remote workers’ team meetings. One of the major drawbacks of working from home is that employees lose their efficiency and are less productive as they spend long hours on social media platforms and lose track of time. Therefore it’s very important to manage the calendars that will remind every employee to maintain their work ethics even at home.
  2. Ongoing communication is vital :

    Encourage the employees to use regular face to face communications with the help of apps like Zoom, WhatsApp video, skype, etc. Face to face communication via video chat will ease the feeling of isolation that many employees face while working from home. Having a face-to-face conversation with colleagues doing remote working in Dubai will keep up the company morale.
  3. Track project progress and milestones simultaneously :

    Make use of the apps like Trello, and asana for monitoring the progress of tasks and responsibilities for projects that require multiple team members. These tools help the managers to manage remote working effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic
  4. Remind the employees to find a quiet space to work at home with minimum interruptions :

    It is always best for remote working employees to find a quiet space at home to work. So that the employees become more effective. Finding a comfortable space at home will increase the employees’ productivity and reduce laziness and delay in work.
  5. Obtain regular feedback from your employees :

    Have an open conversation with your employees. Let the team know that you are available to discuss any complexities which they are facing during this COVID-19 pandemic. Praise and motivate the employees so that it becomes easier for them to work.

Bottom line:

These are just a few of the necessary tips. That will help your employees be more productive and efficient during the COVID-19 pandemic in Dubai. If you are working remotely and want to start a company. Wondering how to establish a business in Dubai? Contact MSZ Consultancy! We are the leading business consultancy services in Dubai, who will assist you in every aspect of your business. Get in touch with us today!

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