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Affordable Business Setup in Abu Dhabi Free Zone with Expert Business Consultants

Are you looking to form your company in the UAE and have complete ownership? Abu Dhabi is the largest emirate that offers several prominent Free Zone options for business. Economic stability, 100% ownership, tax incentives, and healthcare policies, are just a few of the many reasons why business setup is so popular in this location. The city is known for its luxury and attracts both entrepreneurs and tourists from around the world. Abu Dhabi Free Zone business setup is a quick process, but it comes with a lot of paperwork that could lead to complications. Let the experts at MSZ Consultancy simplify your company set up to have you doing business in the popular Free Zone area in no time.

Business Registration in Abu Dhabi Free Zone

One of the major advantages to Free Zone business setup in Abu Dhabi is the government-friendly rules for entrepreneurs. The Free Zones are established as independent jurisdictions that can be fully owned without having to partner with a UAE national to serve as a local sponsor. Abu Dhabi Free Zone Authority (FZA) is the independent government body that issues Free Zone licenses and registration.

Here is the process involved for Free Zone business setup in Abu Dhabi:


Determine the type of business activity

In order to apply for a business license, you will have to determine what type of business you will be doing. Each business activity has its own rules, regulations, and different requirements.


Register the Trade Name

Next, you’ll have to give a list of suggested names to the Abu Dhabi Free Zone Authority. You’ll have to make sure the name is not already registered with an existing company in the UAE. The name will be approved by the Free Zone Authority.


Obtain approvals from Free Zone Authority

Now, you’ll have to get initial approval for the name and start fulfilling all the requirements.


Issuance of license

Once you get final approval for your name, your business license will be issued.

Documents Required

Company application form
Passport copies of the shareholder
Few suggested names of the company
Specification of the business activity
Proof of Address
Bank reference letter

Legal Entities for Abu Dhabi Free Zone Business Setup

One of the main steps to Free Zone Business Setup in Abu Dhabi is determining the legal entity your business will have. A legal entity will determine how many shareholders will be involved in the business. There are four types of legal entities allowed in the Abu Dhabi Free Zone: 

  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company – A Limited Liability Company is an independent legal entity. An LLC can have individual shareholders, corporate shareholders, or a mixture of both. The minimum capital requirement will depend on the type of business activity. 
  • Branch of a Foreign Company – This is a foreign company that can carry out business in a Free Zone in the UAE. 
  • Branch of a UAE Company – This is a company that can set up in a UAE Free Zone, and they can also open branches for their company in the Mainland or Offshore locations too. 
  • Freelance License – With this type of company, there is one sole person, or freelancer. They can do business in their own name instead of using a company or brand name.
Legal Entities for Abu Dhabi Free Zone Business Setup

Benefits of Free Zone business setup in Abu Dhabi

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • No taxes on personal or corporate income
  • Easy incorporation process
  • Business-friendly legal framework
  • World-class infrastructure facilities
  • Exemption from import or export duties
  • Full repatriation of profits and capital
  • Quick immigration process
  • Access to skilled professionals

Major Free Zones in Abu Dhabi

There are eight Free Zones for Business Setup in Abu Dhabi. These zones are designed to boost the economy in the region, promote foreign investment, and drive growth. You can register a company in Abu Dhabi Free Zone even from outside the country. Here are the three most popular areas for business registration in Abu Dhabi Free Zone:

Twofour54 Free Zone

Twofour54 Free Zone

This Free Zone is a prominent player in the Arabic media industry. Twofour54 is a business hub for local, regional, and international media companies. This area provides full foreign ownership, tax benefits, and on-site media training for media professionals. The Free Zone also offers tremendous networking and business opportunities with over 4,000 professionals and 600 freelancers in the Free Zone. Prominent media companies like CNN, BBC, Financial Times, and many more, have set up their operations in Twofour54. The number of shareholders required for this Free Zone is a minimum of two.


Documents Required for Twofour54 Free Zone Business Setup:

  • Application form
  • Business plan
  • Passport copies of the shareholders
  • Bank reference letter
Masdar City Free Zone

Masdar City Free Zone

Masdar City Free Zone is in a prime spot, close to the Abu Dhabi International Airport. The Free Zone is a global hub for clean technologies and renewable energy. It is mainly for companies that have operations and manufacturing in energy and future green technology products. It provides top-notch business facilities and a business-friendly environment for entrepreneurs and tech companies. The number of shareholders required in Masdar City Free Zone is a minimum of two.


Documents Required for Masdar City Free Zone Business Setup:

  • Filling the name registration form
  • License form
  • Open a bank account
  • Acquire license and signing the lease
Kizad Free Zone Abu Dhabi

Kizad Free Zone Abu Dhabi

Kizad Free Zone Abu Dhabi, also known as Khalifa Industrial Free Zone, is one of the best options entrepreneurs can opt for business setup in Abu Dhabi. The area has two big draws for business owners: a great location and low operating costs. The Kizad Free Zone provides taxation benefits, 100% foreign ownership, and a hassle-free banking facility. Industrial licenses, trading licenses, and service licenses are the most popular types of business licenses in this area.


Documents required for Kizad Free Zone Business Setup:

  • Filling the name registration form
  • License form
  • Open a bank account
  • Acquire license and signing the lease

Fast and Affordable Business Setup in Abu Dhabi with MSZ Consultancy

Business registration in Abu Dhabi Free Zone is known for its quick process, but that doesn’t mean it is flawless. There are several procedures and a lot of paperwork involved with forming your company here. Don’t let anything stand in the way of forming your dream company. Let MSZ Consultancy help you with all the legal procedures. We will provide you with the best, hassle-free service for a quick business setup in Abu Dhabi Free Zone. Don’t wait, contact us today at +971 52 544 1248 for a FREE consultation.


We help investors from around the globe set up their dream business in Abu Dhabi and across the UAE. We start forming your company from scratch and provide you with a hassle-free Free Zone business setup in Abu Dhabi. But that’s not all, we give you the tools to make you self-reliant. We will provide the financial and legal suggestions you need to successfully set up your business in Abu Dhabi.


Basically, we help you with anything you need regarding your business. MSZ Consultancy specializes in business setup and registration, finding a local sponsor, registering employees, creating a business plan, trademark services, and more. We also have connections with government authorities to help ensure a quick and flawless business setup in the UAE.


We are a business life-cycle firm. We focus on helping our clients grow and expand their business without having to worry about legal advice, paperwork, and UAE procedures. So, we aren’t just there for the beginning of your company, we stick around and help you throughout the life of your company. And we promise you won’t find better customer service. We put our customers first, and it shows. Call us today at  +971 52 544 1248 to find out!

Trademark Registration

Protect your brand with trademark registration. We can do registration, renewals, amendments, web domain purchases and renewals, and more. Let us help you protect your work!

Local Sponsorship

All foreign-owned companies in the UAE Mainland require a sponsor that will have 100% shares in the company. We will help you find someone that is reliable who can be trusted with your company.

PRO Services

We have an expert Public Relations Officer that helps with documentation and clearing services. Don’t get bogged down with paperwork, let us handle it so you can focus on running your company.

Bank Account Assistance

If you have a company in the UAE, it is important to get a bank account there. We will help you open your account and make sure you have everything you need for the bank that you choose.

Product Registration

Product registration will let your customers know that your product is safe. We will help you get all the paperwork together and get your products registered.

Business Centers

We can also help you find the perfect location for your business. We have Business Centers located throughout the UAE in the best locations with all the amenities you will need.

Company Liquidation

We can help prepare the documents you need and make sure you meet all the legal requirements for a smooth company liquidation process.

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