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Business Setup in Ajman Offshore

Required Documents and Steps to Obtain Your Business License in Ajman Offshore

Starting your business in Ajman Offshore has never been easier. Here is a step-by-step guide for the documents you’ll need to have available and how to begin the process:

Required Documents
  • Passport Copies of All the Shareholders
  • Proof of Residency for all Shareholders
  • Original Bank Reference Letter from all Shareholders
  • Curriculum Vitae or Profile of Shareholders
  • Copy of UAE Entry Stamp Page
Steps to Get Your Business License
  1. Choose Your Company Name & Activities
  2. Find a Registered Agent
  3. Send in Your Application & Documents
  4. Prepare your MOA & AOA
  5. Open Bank Account

Ajman Offshore Company Requirements

  1. Shareholders
    A minimum of one shareholder is needed, and corporate shareholders are accepted.
  2. Directors
    There must be two directors required, with no provision for corporate directors.
  3. Secretary
    An offshore company must have one secretary, who can also fill the position of a director.
  4. Dual Role
    An individual can take both director and shareholder positions.
  5. Capital Structure
    Shareholders have the right to determine the capital structure of a company.
  6. Physical Presence
    Before AFZA executives, authorized attorneys or Shareholders must be physically present to sign documents.
  7. Residence Visas
    Based on the Ajman offshore company, UAE residence visas cannot be obtained.
  8. Registered Agent
    An official registered agent must be appointed, and their office address will serve as the Ajman Offshore Company's address.
  9. Investment
    Shareholders are allowed to invest in UAE companies.
  10. Company Name
    The company's name should conclude with "Limited".
  11. Business Scope
    Business activities are confined to the Free Zone and cannot extend outside, including transactions within the UAE.
  12. Property Ownership
    The company can own a maximum of three properties.
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