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Businesses Allowed in Ajman Offshore

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, easy solution for business in the United Arab Emirates, Ajman Offshore could be the perfect setup. Ajman Offshore companies are non-resident companies that aren’t issued an operating license. With an Ajman Offshore Business setup, you can own property anywhere in UAE, you won’t have any taxes, and you can hold stock in UAE Free Zone companies and LLCs. Another great benefit to forming a company in the Ajman Offshore, it’s the cheapest place for business setup in the UAE, and it takes the least amount of time. If you think this would be a great situation for your company, let the experts at MSZ Consultancy walk you through the entire process.

Documents Required

Passport copy of the shareholders
Proof of residence of the shareholders
Bank reference letter

Businesses Allowed in Ajman Offshore

One of the most popular spots for offshore business setup is Ajman. Ajman Offshore companies are easy to establish and globally recognized. The Offshore formation in Ajman first started in 2014 and has quickly grown in popularity over the years due to the great benefits and advantages for businesses. Here are the types of businesses that are allowed for business setup in Ajman Offshore:

General Trading

Trading is allowed for an offshore company in Ajman. In order to do trading, you will need a general trading license. This license is a quick process and usually only takes a day for the documents to clear.

Professional Services

Professional services for business setup in Ajman include IT consultancy, management consultancy, marketing services, and more. The Ajman Free Zone helps investors open Offshore companies. The AFZA will have to issue a professional services license if you choose to do any of these business activities.


Offshore shareholders are allowed to hold a stake in other UAE companies.

Investment and Joint Investment Companies

You can carry on or promote investment management activities in Ajman Offshore.

Advisory/Consultancy Services

With a consultancy or advisory firm, you can provide services to organizations all around.

Commission Agents/Brokers

With an offshore company in Ajman, you can purchase or sell properties.

Setting Up an Offshore Company in Ajman

There are so many advantages to Ajman offshore business setup. Among the many reasons, Offshore formation is inexpensive, time-efficient, and completely confidential. Here are the characteristics of Ajman Offshore business setup that makes the business so popular:

Shareholders – Having one shareholder is required for Ajman Offshore business setup. The shareholders will decide on the capital structure of the company, allowing a single category of shares. In Ajman, the Offshore does not allow bearer shares.


Directors – There has to be at least two directors for business setup in Ajman Offshore. The company’s shareholders can take on the role of a director, but it isn’t required.


Secretary – There has to be at least one secretary in an Ajman Offshore company. The director or shareholder is allowed to fill this position.


Restrictions on Name & Activity – A company formed in Ajman’s Offshore is not allowed to end the name with the word “Limited.” And only general trading, professional services, stakeholding, investment and joint investment, consultancy, and commission agents are the business activities that are allowed for an offshore business setup in Ajman.


Local Requirements – An official registered agent must be appointed for an Ajman Offshore company. This office in the UAE will function as the registered office of the Ajman Offshore company.


Timescale – It takes around two to three working days to get an offshore company registered. The shareholders must be physically present to sign the documents in front of Free Zone authorities.


Confidentiality – Ajman Offshore companies have complete confidentiality, privacy, and security. There are no public records of the company’s information.


Limitations – Unlike other offshore companies in the UAE, a least one director and a maximum of five directors are allowed for establishing a company in Ajman Offshore.

Setting Up an Offshore Company in Ajman

Advantages to Ajman Offshore Business Setup

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 100% tax-free
  • Cost-effective and quick registration process
  • There is no need for an annual audit
  • Can open bank accounts in the UAE or worldwide
  • No paid-up share capital is required
  • Save money on rent because you don’t need an office space
  • Ajman Offshore has global recognition
  • Secure transfer of profits and capital
  • Can own property anywhere in UAE
  • No residence visa is needed
  • Low-cost labor
  • No foreign currency restrictions
  • Complete privacy of directors and shareholders
Setting Up an Offshore Company in Ajman

How Much Does Business Setup in Ajman Offshore Cost?

One of the biggest benefits for Business Setup in Ajman Offshore is the price. The prices are very low compared to business on the Mainland. In fact, the cost to set up an offshore company in Ajman is the cheapest in the UAE, and it takes the least amount of time to get established. Below is a list of the standard costs for business setup in Ajman Offshore:


  • Government fee at AJAMN Offshore – AED 3100
  • Fee for a registered agent – AED 2000
  • Fee for the roistered office – AED 1000
  • Share certificate – AED 1000
  • Incumbency certificate – AED 1000

Quick Ajman Offshore Business Setup with MSZ Consultancy

If you’re looking to set up a company on the Ajman Offshore, look no further! We are the experts for Business Setup in the UAE, including in Ajman. Our team of experts knows all the rules, regulations, and legal matters regarding business setup in Ajman. We help our clients develop and grow their businesses without worrying about legal advice, paperwork, and procedures. That’s because we do it all for you! We will take care of the time-consuming paperwork so you can focus on the core of your business. Don’t just dream about having a company in Ajman, make it a reality with MSZ Consultancy. Call today at +971 52 544 1248 to start your quick business setup in Ajman!


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Business setup in the UAE is made easier with the help of MSZ Consultancy. Our strong relationships with government officials and authorities, along with our expertise in consultancy, make it easy for us to quickly set up your company in the UAE. We always put our customers first and believe in complete customer satisfaction. With MSZ Consultancy, we offer quality services that are tailored to fit your exact needs. We also offer PRO services, trademark services, bank assistance, and other corporate services to keep your business running smoothly.

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