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MSZ Consultancy understands how important it is to keep your private information protected. This Privacy Policy description will help give you a better understanding about how we take your personal information from this website and use it to help you make the best decisions possible for starting your own company. Some of your personal data will be gathered while you’re using this site to search, or use a service, purchase a product from this website. This information will help to provide you with the best service possible from us and the companies that we work with.
While using this website, you must agree to these Privacy Policy terms.

  1. How We Collect and Use Your Information

    We will not collect personal information from you unless you choose to willingly provide it to us through this website. Most of this information is collected to benefit your website experience and help us serve you better.

    • Personal Information

      Your personal information will include information like your name, address, phone number, email, date of birth, and payment information. Most of this information is crucial for us to be able to provide services to you.

    • Aggregate Information

      This information does not relate to you personally. We automatically get this information, like the IP address of the device you used to connect to our page and the information on pages you accessed. We use this information to improve our website services.

  2. Disclosing Information

    MSZ Consultancy may disclose personal information if you have given us the authority to do so. This information will be given to our joint partners to provide you with the services you have requested.

  3. How We Will Use Your Information

    There are several ways MSZ Consultancy may use the personal information that we collect from you like:

    • To send future marketing or promotional purposes
    • For internal purposes like data analytics
  4. Cookies and Tracking

    Our website uses cookies to identify and keep track of what websites are being used. This information comes from your IP address, operating system, and browser. It is not necessary to have cookies turned on, but it could benefit your website experience.

  5. Content Providers, Advertisers, and Partners

    Our privacy policy is not the same as other third-party websites that may be linked to this site. Once you have left our site, we have no control over the way other website’s data collection policies and procedures.

  6. Protecting Your Personal Information

    We work hard to protect our client’s personal information. All your information, including your credit card details, is encrypted.

  7. Disclosure of Information Overseas

    We may have to transfer your personal information to another country. This info may be required for security and customs purposes. These countries may not have the same data protection laws as the country you first provided the information to.

  8. Holding, Correcting, and Updating Information

    We will hold your information and take measures to protect it. You can update your information any time and as often as you need to.

  9. Amendments

    MSZ Consultancy has the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time without notifying you about changes. If you agree to this Privacy Policy, then you agree to ones that follow it as well.

  10. Acceptance

    By continuously using the MSZ Consultancy website, you must agree to the terms of our privacy policy.

  11. How to Contact Us

    If you have any questions about your Privacy Policy, you can contact us by chat, email, or phone here +971 58 982 7842.

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