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Choose a Business License Type

In Dubai's offshore jurisdiction, businesses operate under one of two main types of licenses:

Offshore Holding Company: FZC License
Offshore Holding Company: FZC License
Offshore Trade & Service License
Offshore Trade & Service License
Offshore Holding Company: FZC License

Offshore Holding Company: FZC License

  • An offshore company in Dubai license allows for the formation of a company with multiple shareholders (minimum of one and no limit on maximum shareholders).
  • Shareholders can be individuals or corporate entities.
  • Offshore companies are suitable for businesses looking to collaborate with partners and distribute ownership among multiple stakeholders.
  • Companies who are looking to own real estate and business in UAE.
Offshore Trade & Service License

Offshore Trade & Service License

  • Designed for single-shareholder companies.
  • Allows full ownership.
  • Ideal for entrepreneurs that prefer sole ownership and control over their business operations.
  • Jafza offshore companies can conduct business internationally in terms of trade and services.

Required Documents and Steps to Obtain Your Business License

Securing your license is designed to be easy and stress-free. Here are the steps you’ll need to take and the documents you’ll want to have available to start the license process:

Required Documents
  • Copy of passports for directors and shareholders
  • Proof of address from the last three months
  • A curriculum vitae of shareholders
  • Reference letter issued by a bank
  • KYC Application, Provided by MSZ
Steps to Get Your Business License
  1. Choose the Company Name
  2. Select the Right Business Activity
  3. Pick Your Business’ Legal Structure
  4. Fill in Your Application Form
  5. Submit Documents
  6. Open an Offshore Bank Account

Activities That Can be Carried Out by an Offshore Company in Dubai

  1. International trade:
    Offshore corporations can carry out international trade activities such as import/export, trading, and distribution.

  2. Asset protection:
    These firms can be used to retain and manage assets outside of the investor's place of residence, protecting them from potential legal action and creditors.

  3. Investment holding:
    Entities can hold stocks, bonds, and real estate holdings.

  4. Intellectual property management:
    Companies can manage intellectual property, such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

  5. Consultancy services:
    Offshore businesses may provide management consulting, financial consulting, and legal consulting services.

  6. E-commerce:
    Offshore entities can perform e-commerce tasks such as affiliate marketing, drop shipping, and online retail.

  7. Shipping and maritime activities:
    Companies can carry out shipping and maritime activities, including ship management, ship ownership, and crew management.

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