Business Setup in Umm Al Quwain Mainland

Easy Business Setup on Umm Al Quwain Mainland with the Top Consultants

Umm Al Quwain is a small Emirate in the United Arab Emirates that thrives on tourism. The desert landscape and unique flora and fauna draw tourists from all over. UAQ is the second smallest Emirate and the least populated, but it is big when it comes to business. Trading and construction companies cover the Mainland, along with a long list of other industries. Fishing is also a big industry making UAQ a leading seafood exporter serving Europe and the Middle East. The area is known for its low costs of living and a stable economy, making business in the Emirate a smart choice.

UAQ Business Setup Mainland

Umm Al Quwain is an up-and-coming Emirate for business. The Economic Department has been pushing the development of the Emirate in terms of its economic stability. Here are the steps for an easy company setup:


Determine the type of business


Find office space


Submit an application form and get together the required documents


Apply for your business license

Documents Required

Copies of directors and shareholders’ passports
License form
Branding certificate
Notarized contract of partnership
A copy of your lease
Copy of MOA
Copy of business plan

Business Licenses for Mainland UAQ Business Setup

There are several licensing options available for your company in Umm Al Quwain. After you have decided on what type of business activity you will have, then you will know what license to apply for. Having a license is very important, you can’t do business in the UAE without one.

Commercial License

This type of license also falls under the category of a trading license. With this license, you can import, export, distribute, and store products.

General Trading

You’ll be able to do more trading with this license. You can trade in a vast range of areas; however, tobacco, pharmaceutical, alcohol, and crude oil don’t fall under a general trading license.

Consultancy License

Businesses that offer expert or professional advice fall under this license. This also includes artisans and craftsmen.

Micro Business License

This type of license was created with low budget businesses in mind. With this license, you won’t need a visa or a physical office.

Freelance Permit

With this license, you won’t need a business name because you’ll be able to conduct business in your birth name. The freelance permit was designed for people in technology, media, film, talent, and some administrative roles.

Service License

This is a license for service providers such as courier services, tour services, car rentals, etc.

Service License

Why Business Setup on Umm Al Quwain’s Mainland is Right For You?

  • Foreign ownership is allowed for Mainland-based businesses
  • Plenty of locations available to lease or own an office building
  • Options for business activities
  • Investor-friendly climate
  • Growth opportunities
  • State of the art infrastructure
  • Fast business formation

Selecting Your Business Type for UAQ Business Setup

  • Limited Liability Company – This is the most common form of business entity. An LLC can be incorporated with at least two shareholders. Each person is liable only to the extent of shares in the capital. There can be up to 50 shareholders in an LLC.


  • Public Shareholding Company – Public shareholding companies can perform public shareholding activities. The capital is divided into shares of equal value. The partner is liable to the extent of the money that was contributed.


  • Branch Office – A branch office is an extension of the international parent company.


  • Representative Office – This type of company allows foreign investors to establish a representative office without any shareholder presence. This is more geared towards marketing activities and research.


  • Professional Firm – This type of company does not have a 51% shareholding limit. This company practices a profession as its primary business.

Hassle-Free Mainland UAQ Business Setup with MSZ Consultancy

Umm Al Quwain is known for its easy Business Setup, but don’t assume everything will go smoothly. Partner with an expert business consultant at MSZ Consultancy to guarantee that the process will be clear of any roadblocks. We specialize in Business Setup in UAQ. We will be there to offer any financial and legal suggestions, help find a local sponsor, make sure you have the proper paperwork that is needed, and see that you meet all the required deadlines. Let us guide you through the entire Mainland UAQ business setup process to make sure you have a smooth setup for the business of your dreams. What are you waiting for? Contact us today at +971 52 544 1248 for a free consultation!

Trademark Registration

It’s important to protect your brand. We offer trademark registration, renewal, amendments, and more. We provide everything you need to make sure your work is protected.

Local Sponsorship

Finding a local sponsor can be a challenging task. We will help you find a feasible and reliable sponsor, so you won’t have to worry about it.

PRO Services

Our Public Relations Officer services help you through the whole cycle of formalities to make sure your business setup is a glitch-free process. We will guide you in all documentation and clearing services.

Bank Account Assistance

Different banks have different requirements to open an account. We will make sure you have all of the documents needed and understand everything involved in opening your account in the UAE.

Product Registration

If you plan on manufacturing, importing, exporting, distributing, or selling products, then you will need to have them registered. Registering your products will provide label protection, brand protection, and help provide a hassle-free trade. We will help get your products registered correctly.

Business Centers

Take the stress out of searching for an office and let us do the work. We have access to business centers all over the county and in UAQ. Let us find an office that is perfect for your company.

Company Liquidation

No business owner wants to face liquidation, but if you have to, we will be there by your side. We will make sure you have the correct documents and will coordinate with the correct authorities to ensure a smooth and hassle-free liquidation completion.

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