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Business Setup in SHAMS Free Zone

Making Entrepreneurship Accessible for All!

The SHAMS free zone, or Sharjah Media City, is a comparatively new free trade zone. Established in 2017, SHAMS was created as a media hub to generate and foster creativity for the region. Since its inception, it has quickly grown into a popular free zone due to its attractiveness among media-based entrepreneurs. SHAMS caters to numerous other industries, but it has also cemented itself as a tentpole for those seeking to do business in the media sector.

SHAMS operates differently than most other media zones, with lower startup costs and unique license packages. But how does one go about creating a business in SHAMS?

Setting-up a Business in SHAMS Free Zone

Taking the first steps to start a business in SHAMS Free Zone may seem a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re not familiar with business practices in UAE, but let’s look at the steps you’ll need to undertake to help streamline the process!


Your first step will be to create an account with Sharjah Media City and choose from the various available business licenses. Some of the options are industrial, trading, holding, and service licenses


After you’ve created your account, you will want to choose the type of office you’ll require and whether it’s a dedicated or shared office or desk.


From here, you will want to submit all mandatory forms and documents, either yourself or via a consultant.


After submitting the appropriate documentation, you or someone on your behalf will need to pay the fees.

What Types of Facilities Does SHAMS Provide?

The SHAMS free zone allows businesses to utilize various office spaces designed to serve clients and their specific needs. Here are a few types you’ll find in SHAMS!

• Dedicated Desks

A dedicated desk is an assigned space for clients that want to run their business alongside entrepreneurs of similar sectors.

• Shared Desks

A shared desk, unlike the dedicated version, is a common workspace that entrepreneurs share. This option is often considered ideal for entrepreneurs looking for networking options and flexible workspaces.

• Dedicated Offices

A dedicated office is an individual office space. These offices are lockable and offer private work environments for individuals that seek to promote collaboration.

• Shared Offices

Shared offices give businesses registered in the SHAMS the ability to network, generating better business and networking opportunities.

What Types of Facilities Does SHAMS Provide?

Business Activities in SHAMS Free Zone

The number of business activities available in the SHAMS free zone is vast, with a wide range of options that are helpful for companies seeking to network or house multiple business types under one roof. Whether it’s a service, trading, or industrial license, SHAMS free zone can help your business prosper!

What Types of Facilities Does SHAMS Provide?

Types of Companies in SHAMS Free Zone and the License Types They Offer

There are roughly two types of companies in SHAMS

1. SHAMS LLC Company Formation

A SHAMS LLC, or limited liability company, is an independent entity that operates to separate the owners and shareholders from the company, limiting the liabilities for each individual owner or shareholder. Additionally, the company’s assets belong to the company and not the individual shareholders. The advantages here are numerous, including the ability to operate as an independent entity, entitlements to licenses, sponsors and bank accounts.

2. SHAMS Branch Company Setup

A SHAMS Branch setup is an entity that belongs to an already established parent company. All gains and benefits of a branch shall be owned solely by the parent company. However, all expenses, debts, or liabilities also fall under the ownership of the parent company.

The Advantages of Business Setup in SHAMS Free Zone

There are many various advantages to starting a company in SHAMS free zone.

1. A Streamlined Registration Process

The process to register for a company or branch in SHAMS is quick, easy, and efficient! You won’t find the same amount of red tape with SHAMS as you would when applying to other free zones.

2. Range of Activities

SHAMS offers a ton of various business activities to suit any company’s needs, and allowing multiple businesses to operate out of one office space can be extraordinarily helpful for investors.

3. Multiple Businesses under a single license

SHAMS free zone gives companies the ability to place numerous businesses under the roof of a single license, provided they all exist in related fields.

4. Easy Banking

Opening accounts have never been more accessible than it is in SHAMS free zone. Straightforward and streamlined, investors are provided with a list of banks aligned with the SHAMS free zone.

5. Presence of Shareholders

In SHAMS, it is not necessary for you or your shareholders to be physically present during the incorporation of a new business. So no need to buy expensive plane tickets or trek halfway across the planet to conduct business!

6. No Annual Audits

SHAMS will not require you to provide a large block of share capital to form your new company, unlike many other free zones. Nor will you be subject to annual audits.

7. 100% Repatriation of Profits and Capital

In SHAMS, you have the freedom to repatriate all your invested capital or profits without having to suffer the hassle of currency restrictions or foreign exchange controls.

8. Partner and Investor Visas

SHAMS free zone allows you to apply for a partner/investor visa for your company as long as the applicant is at least 19 years old. This visa is valid for three years.

9. Flexible visa allocations

This flexibility gives you the power to staff your new business adequately from the starting line! Unlike similar free zones, SHAMS visa allocation is available without the need to rent or lease office space.

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