Business Setup in Ajman Free Zone

Easy Business Setup in Ajman Free Zone with the Best Business Consultants in UAE.

Ajman Free Zone is one of the oldest and most popular Free Zones within the UAE. The area is situated just 40 minutes away from Dubai, making it a prime spot for global opportunities for foreign investors. The Free Zone is a great platform for entrepreneurs looking at trade, investment, and industry business establishment. Business Setup in Ajman Free Zone also comes with competitive fees because it usually costs less to form a company here compared to other Free Zone areas. So, if you’re looking for a world-class infrastructure with competitive pricing to form your company, AFZA may be the perfect location for you!

Forming a Company in Ajman Free Zone

Ajman Business Setup is really simple in the Free Zone, but there are still many decisions that have to be made and procedures that you have to go through. You’ll need to decide on your company name, the type of business, get a business license, get the necessary documents, and find a location in the Free Zone to set up your company. MSZ Consultancy can guide you through all these steps to make sure you don’t have any problems forming your company in Ajman.


Submit application and documents

You will have to submit your business application and other required documents to Ajman Free Zone Authority.


Apply for registration

Next, you’ll have to apply for registration by submitting your application. You can also begin the visa process at this point.


Decide on the legal entity for your company

There are four types of legal entities in the Ajman Free Zone:


  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE)
  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ LLC)
  • Branch of a Foreign Company
  • Branch of a Local Company

Decide on the name and your business activity

Then you’ll have to decide on the name and your business activity, so you can get your business license in the Ajman Free Zone Authority.


Document analysis by the authority

The authority will then analyze the documents and intimate the applicant about the decision.

Documents Required

Proof of trade name and reservation
Proof of initial business activities
Passport copies of the shareholders
Approval from authority

Business Licenses for Ajman Free Zone Business Setup

In order for your company to be legal, you will need a business license. This is a requirement for Business Setup in Ajman or any part of the United Arab Emirates. There are four types of business licenses that will be issued according to the type of company you have:

Trading License

If your company is involved in trading, then you’ll need this license. A trading license allows three activities in a single license.

E-Commerce License

This license is for a company that wants to venture into e-Commerce or start an online business. It also provides marketing and technical support to investors.

Professional License

A professional license is for companies that provide services like IT, marketing, consultancy, and other services.

Industrial License

This license is for companies that provide manufacturing facilities in the Ajman Free Zone or for companies that want to import raw materials, manufacture, and export goods.

National Industrial License

Companies with a national industrial license enjoy duty-free exports. However, there are several requirements that come with this license.


  • You have to have your business registered in Ajman and operating in the Free Zone.
  • You have to be registered with nationals of the Gulf Cooperation Council. They will also own at least 51% of the shares in the company.
  • At least 40% of all manufacturing has to be done in the Free Zone.
National Industrial License

Benefits of Doing Business in Ajman Free Zone

  • Zero corporate tax
  • No personal income tax
  • Low energy costs
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Exempted from submission of financial reports and audit
  • Lowest lease prices
  • Business-friendly government
  • World-class infrastructure
  • Fast registration
  • Affordable utilities
  • Low cost of living
  • Easy access to Dubai, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaima

Business Entities for Ajman Business Setup

One of the main benefits of Ajman Free Zone business setup is that there are no foreign ownership restrictions, and companies are governed by the Free Zone Authority (FZA). The FZA issues licenses and approves business activities in the Free Zone. Before forming a company here, you will have to choose what type of business entity you will have. This will determine the shareholders of the company. There are four types of entities available for a Free Zone company in Ajman.

Free Zone Establishment – A Free Zone Establishment is a company with a single owner or shareholder.

Free Zone Company – This type of company has partners and are allowed two or more shareholders.

Branch Office of a Foreign Company – This is where a foreign company can operate in the Ajman Free Zone. The Ministry of Economy and Commerce issues this license.

Branch Office of a Local Company – This is a separate office or brand of an existing company. The local company already has a license in the UAE.

Form your Dream Company with MSZ Consultancy

When setting up a business in Ajman Free Zone, there are a lot of rules and regulations you have to follow. Although business setup in Ajman is fairly quick and easy, it can be challenging making sure you get all the legal paperwork done properly and turned in on time. MSZ Consultancy will help you through the entire process, we can even help you find a place to set up your business. We make business setup hassle-free. Reach out to us today at +971 52 544 1248 and find out how we can help!


MSZ Consultancy provides international business help and corporate solutions to entrepreneurs across the globe. We are experts when it comes to business in UAE and will help you set up your dream company in Ajman Free Zone. We specialize in all forms of business setup and provide the financial and legal suggestions you need.  Let us help guide you through the process of business setup in Ajman.


We are your one-stop-solution for business setup in Ajman. We have a unique team that consists of business setup consultants, lawyers, and PRO executives. So, we are able to provide you with all the services required for business setup in Ajman and across all seven Emirates. Our team has built strong relationships with government officials to move the process along quickly. We begin from scratch, then give you all the solutions you need for a successful company setup.


MSZ Consultancy is one of the few consulting companies in the UAE that provide valuable insights in all fields of business. We offer financial consultancy, infrastructural guidance, and legal suggestions. Customer service is our first priority. We are constantly looking for innovative strategies to help serve you better. We will provide you with quality services that are tailored to fit your business needs.

Trademark Registration

MSZ Consultancy specializes in trademark registration. We can easily help you protect the business that you worked hard to build. Here are the types of services we offer with trademark registration:

  • Trademark Registration, Renewal and Amendments
  • Trademark Protection
  • Patent Registration, Renewal, and Patent Protection
  • Web Domain Name Purchase and Renewal including .ae
  • Web Domain Name Trademark Registration and Renewal
  • Design Registration and Protection
  • Copyright Registration & Protection

Local Sponsorship

If you decide to open a business on the Mainland, then you will need a local sponsor. It’s a requirement for a foreign businessman to have a local sponsor in the UAE with a Mainland business. It can be challenging finding someone to trust with your company. That’s where we can help! Let us use our connections to find a reliable, trustworthy local sponsor for your company.

PRO Services

Our PRO services will help you through the legal formalities involved with your company. Our Public Relations Officer helps with license renewals, visas, labor contracts, and more. We will focus on the legal work so you can focus on your business.

Bank Account Assistance

Every bank in the UAE has its own requirements for opening an account. MSZ Consultancy can help open an account so you can secure your monetary assets.

Product Registration

Protect your products by getting them registered. We can help with the registration process. This will help with label protection, brand protection, import, and re-export rights, and make trading inside and outside of UAE a hassle-free process.

Business Centers

It can be hard finding time to make the trip to the UAE to search for offices for your business. Let us help! We have business centers across the UAE with great packages and solutions for strategically located office spaces.

Company Liquidation

If your company faces liquidation, we can help. We will coordinate with authorities to provide a smooth and hassle-free liquidation completion.

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