Commercial License in Dubai, UAE

Skip the stressful paperwork and let MSZ Consultancy help you get your commercial license in Dubai.

Ready to get your business started in Dubai? We can help you successfully setup your company and get it running without any issues. However, you can’t have a business in Dubai without having a license. There are three types of licenses you can apply for:

  • Commercial license
  • Industrial license
  • Professional license

Dubai is in a perfect spot if you’re looking to get into the trading business. The city is surrounded by vast markets, including Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. The multiple international airports and the direct access to the Persian Gulf make the cargo industry a popular business to get into. Does this sound perfect to you? Then you’ll need a commercial license to get your business started.

Required Documents

What Documents Are Required for a Commercial License in Dubai?
An application form with the company name in both English and Arabic
Your original lease contract
Your MOA with the partner or sponsor
The permit issued by the Dubai Municipality Building Department that shows the office space can be used for your company
Proof that you paid your fees

How Can You Get a Commercial License in Dubai?

It is already a pretty quick process to get your commercial trade license in Dubai, but if you need a quick option, you can get an instant license. With this option, you won’t have to wait days or weeks for approval, you can get your license within minutes.

Here’s what you need to do to get your Instant License:

  • Select a legal entity for your business: LLC, Civil Company, or Sole Proprietorship
  • Choose what your business activity will be
  • Decide on the partners’ share in capital and on the profits and losses between the partners
  • Choose three trade name options
  • Determine the total share capital of the company
  • Complete all of the necessary applications and forms
  • Submit the required documents
  • Receive a payment voucher
  • Pay the required Instant Trade License Dubai fees
  • Get your Instant License issued

What Documents Are Required for Commercial License Renewal in Dubai?

When your commercial license is originally issued it will be good for just one year.

After the first year, you’ll have to get it renewed. Here’s what you will need for the entire process:

  • Your original trade license – this can be a copy of the original
  • A copy of your office space lease contract
  • Approval from the relevant authorities
  • Companies with a foreign shareholder will need to provide details of their employees’ accommodation

After the license is renewed, this will last for five additional years before you will have to get it renewed again.

Who Should Apply for a Commercial License in Dubai?

The type of business license in Dubai that you need will depend on the type of business activity that you will be doing. With a commercial license, you can’t have more than 10 activities per license.

Here are the types of activities that fall under a commercial license in Dubai:

  • Import and export activities
  • Selling electronic products
  • Real estate service
  • Supply of brokerage service
  • Selling construction material
  • Logistics
  • Auto vehicle rental business
  • Travel and tourism
  • Retail

Benefits That Come with a Commercial License in Dubai

  • Ten related business activities are allowed under one commercial trade license
  • Secure business engagements
  • Access to corporate bank accounts in Dubai
  • No corporate taxes or income taxes
  • Simplified financial reporting system
  • Easy commercial trade license renewal Dubai

Get Your Commercial License in Dubai with MSZ Consultancy

If you’re ready to get your business setup in Dubai, we are ready to help! At MSZ Consultancy, we have over 12 years of experience in business setup and consultation. We know all the steps it takes to easily get your business license in Dubai and help your company successfully get off the ground. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today at or call us at +971 52 544 1248 for a FREE consultation.


At MSZ Consultancy, we help you form your company from scratch. You come to us with an idea, and we will help guide you along the way to make sure you have everything you need to be self-reliant. We will provide you with everything you need to get your company registered and ready for business.


MSZ Consultancy is made up of a unique team that can handle all of your business needs. We have business setup consultants, lawyers, and PRO executives that can not only help you register your business but help with paperwork, legal advice, and give you the financial expertise that you need.


We are the best in the industry, we mean it! Our clients come first, and it truly shows. We work hard to provide the very best personalized services that are tailored to your business needs. And not only do we help setup your company, but we will stick around and offer valuable advice to help you throughout the entire life of your business.

Trade License

Getting your trade license can be very time-consuming. We can walk you through the entire process to make sure you don’t skip any steps. And when it’s time to renew, we can help with that too! We make it easy!

E Trader License

Do you plan on doing business only online? Let us help you get started! We will make sure that you meet all the requirements to apply for an E trader license.

Trademark Registration

Want to protect your work from imitation? Of course, you do! We specialize in trademark registration. Let us help you with trademark services, patent registration, copyright services, and more.

Local Sponsorship

The UAE government has made it mandatory for foreign entrepreneurs to have a local sponsor for their Mainland business setup. We understand it can be challenging to find someone to trust with your company. We have access to the most reliable local sponsors.

PRO Services

Paperwork can be very time-consuming. Let us make your job easier! We offer Public Relations Officer services that will help with all the legal paperwork, so you can focus on the core of your business.

Bank Account Assistance

One of the biggest advantages to forming a company in Dubai is having access to local banks to keep track of your assets. Each bank has different requirements that have to be met. Let us take care of opening your account for you.

Product Registration

Product registration will ensure consumers that your products are safe. It is also required for certain products like cosmetics, food, and health products. Let us guide you through the product registration process.

Business Centers

We understand that it can be challenging to find an office space when you aren’t familiar with the area. Leave the office location to us! We have business centers located in strategic locations throughout Dubai that will be the perfect solution for your business setup.

Company Liquidation

Take the stress out of closing your company with the best company liquidation services in Dubai. We have a team of legal experts that will guide you through the formal procedures to end your company.

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