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Business setup in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE and is one of the fastest-growing wealthy markets in the world. Business setup in Abu Dhabi is a viable choice for a businessman. The procedures are simple and the business gets incorporated in a very short span of time. Incorporating your business in Abu Dhabi is safe and secure. Many entrepreneurs prefer to business setup in Abu Dhabi because of its transparent and flexible business procedures.

Company formation in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Mainland

Abu Dhabi Mainland

A mainland company can conduct business across UAE but permits maximum foreign shareholder equity capped at 49%. Policies and guidelines make the city one of the most developed economies in the UAE.Mainland Abu Dhabi is known for a luxurious life and is one of the richest in the Emirate. It has the necessary infrastructure and services which results in an increase in company registration. The government has also taken initiatives that attract both local and foreign investors.

Abu Dhabi Free Zone

Abu Dhabi Free Zone

The free zone is authorized as an independent jurisdiction that allows the business persons to own their company 100%. There is no need to appoint a UAE national or a partner for free zone setup. It acts as a gateway to carry out international trade and provides smooth functioning of the business procedures.
Abu Dhabi the capital of UAE is enhancing the development of various types of business industries, it has the necessary infrastructure and services which results in an increase in Abu Dhabi Free Zone company formation.

Types of business license in Abu Dhabi

Commercial License

The commercial License is easiest to obtain compared to other business licenses. It is for companies dealing with general trading or a specialized trading activity.

Industrial License

Companies engaged in manufacturing, producing, fabricating, or indulged in any other special activity, needs to obtain an Industrial License. 

Professional License

For service-oriented companies like craftsmen, artisans, and professionals need to apply for a Professional License. 

Tourism License

Companies involved in Travel Tourism and healthcare has to obtain a Tourism License. 

Occupational License

An occupational license is issued for individuals that involve their mental and intellectual capabilities, talents, skills to serve clients. 

How to obtain a Trade license in Abu Dhabi?

  • The applicant has to approach the necessary authority (DED, ZonesCorp, Tourism Authority)
  • Attach necessary documents for obtaining a license
  • The authority reviews the application
  • When the review is completed the applicant is referred to the Chamber of Commerce for its membership
  • A field visit is done by the authority
  • If the authority is satisfied, the license is granted

Procedure for Business setup in Abu Dhabi

  • Determine the type of economic activity
  • Find a local sponsor
  • Select a legal type to run your business
  • Register trade name
  • Fulfill licensing requirements
  • Get special approvals
  • Obtain initial approval from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs – Abu Dhabi (GDRFA)

Forms of company setup in Abu Dhabi

  • Joint Liability company
  • Simple Commandite company
  • Limited Liability company
  • Public Limited company
  • Private Limited company
  • Unique establishment
  • Civil society
  • Local business branch
  • Foreign company branch
  • GCC company branch 
Abu Dhabi Corniche

Important points considered for business setup in Abu Dhabi

An individual must appoint a local sponsor to start a business in Abu Dhabi

Individuals involved in any commercial, industrial, professional activity within Abu Dhabi Emirate has to join the Chamber of commerce industry and obtain membership to acquire a license in here.

Every company must obtain PRO service

Advantages for business setup in Abu Dhabi

  • Abu Dhabi license is valid for 2 years
  • There is flexibility in renewals 
  • Annual payments and costs are minimal
  • Company formation is quick, easy, and effective
  • The investor can become a partner in the firm
  • Easy to open global corporate bank accounts

Business setup in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is everything that an investor dreams while stating his/her business. It is an ideal location for entrepreneurs. It provides necessary services and infrastructure that is needed to set up a business

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