Top 5 Business-Friendly Spots in Dubai

Top 5 Business-Friendly Spots in Dubai
September 29, 2020

Dubai has a booming economy with a great infrastructure, strategic location, and a competitive environment. With so much opportunity in such a big city, which is the best place to set up a new business in Dubai? Dubai’s economy has come up with a list of the areas in the city that are seeing the newest businesses pop up.

Al Garhoud

This area issued 15% new licenses in the first quarter of 2020. One big draw that brings entrepreneurs to this spot is the location. Al Garhoud is pretty close to the airport Dubai International Airport, the City Centre Deira, and Dubai Festival City Mall. 

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is part of downtown Dubai. The area saw a 12% increase in new licenses, mainly in the commercial industry. The area has a number of luxury hotels, company offices, and upscale residences.

Oud AI Muteena

Oud Al Muteena is a residential neighborhood outside of Dubai that is located close to the airport. New businesses in the area grew by 6.5% in 2020. The area is great for travelers and business owners because it is close to both Dubai and Sharjah. 

Trade Center

New business owners took advantage of this great business location, with new business licenses increasing by 5.2%. The Trade Center location is in the heart of Dubai, close to the World Trade Center, which is a famous spot for global exhibitions. 

Oud Metha

This area is known as a family-friendly city with lots to do and 4.8% new entrepreneurs!  Oud Metha is home to Al-Nasr Sports Club and several commercial and entertainment complexes. There are also several restaurants, shops, and hotels in the area. Interested in a new business setup in Dubai? Start with a free consultation at MSZ Consultancy

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