UAE: The Manufacturing Hub for Business Investors

UAE: The Manufacturing Hub for Business Investors
October 26, 2020

Manufacturing is the king of industries in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE government has taken many steps to shift the focus of its economic growth to the manufacturing sector. The manufacturing sector makes up 53% of the country’s total non-oil exports.

Here are the top industries that investors are focusing on:

1. Food and Beverage

The UAE is a famous international tourist hub. Because the country is growing in population and is a big stop for tourists each year, the food and beverage industry is in high demand.

2. Ceramic

The ceramic industry is big in both residential and commercial properties. Ras-Al-Khaimah is one of the leading emirates in global sales when it comes to ceramic tiles.

3. Pharmaceuticals

Dressings, gauzes, first-aid boxes, and dental fittings are just a few of the many areas that are big in the manufacturing industry.

4. Textile

Businesses popular in this area are woven, knitted garments, and cloth manufacturing.

5. Metal

Aluminum, steel, gold, and copper are big manufacturers in the UAE.

6. Aerospace

The UAE is continuously taking steps to expand the aviation sector. The goal is to become the global hub when it comes to manufacturing Aero Engine components.

7. Building Materials

Cement, ceramics, pipes, rebar, roof blocks, and glass are the top priorities for manufacturing building materials. And because the real estate business is huge in the UAE, the demand for construction equipment is really high too.

8. Plastic

The United Arab Emirates is the second-largest plastic producer in the GCC region after Saudi Arabia. Right now, there are over 260 plastic manufacturing plants in the UAE, and it’s expected to grow.

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