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Let MSZ Consultancy help you extend your stay in Dubai with a tourist visa

Dubai has so many things to see and do, some people may not think a quick vacation is long enough to take it all in. That’s where a tourist visa comes into play. If you want to stay in the UAE for longer than 14 days, you can with this visa. A tourist visa allows you to extend your vacation to 30 days or even 90 days to give you enough time to take in the sights, experience the rich culture, and enjoy the glamorous lifestyle the city has to offer. Of course, you’ll have to apply for these visas and get approval, but MSZ Consultancy can help make the process quick and easy.

What Documents are Required for a Dubai Tourist Visa in UAE?

There are different documents required depending on if you plan on sponsoring a family member.
Application form
Copy of sponsor’s passport
Family member’s passport and a photo of them
If sponsoring a spouse, then you will need a marriage contract that is attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE Embassy
If sponsoring children, you will need their birth certificates
If relationship proof isn’t shown on your passports, then you will need to get proof of relationship from the Embassy
If you’re working in the public sector, then you will need to provide the job contract.

Different Types of Tourist Visas Available in Dubai

30-Day Tourist Visa

This is considered a short-term visa. Here are two different options for this visa:

  • Valid 30-days from the issue date
  • Valid 30-days from the arrival

90-Day Tourist Visa

Here are the options for the long-term visa:

  • Valid for 90-days from the issue date
  • Valid for 90-days from the arrival date

Requirements for Dubai Tourist Visa

The length of your visit to the UAE, the purpose of your visit, and your nationality are all taken into consideration when you apply for your tourist visa. There are different requirements depending on where you’re applying for your visa from.

For American citizens

  • You’ll need to have a passport that is valid within six months of the date you arrive in Dubai.
  • A round-trip ticket will need to be confirmed.

For Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) citizens

  • No visa is required to visit the UAE.
  • High-level officials that aren’t citizens, such as doctors, managers, engineers, or public sector employees, can get a 30-day non-renewable visa at any airport when they arrive in the UAE. Their families can also get visas at the same time.

Who Can Apply for Dubai Tourist Visa?

If you aren’t eligible for a visa on arrival or visa-free entry into the UAE and you want to have a longer stay in the country, then you’ll want to apply for a tourist visa. You must have a passport that has been valid for the past six months in order to qualify for a tourist visa in Dubai. There is one restriction in place, females below the age of 18 aren’t allowed to apply unless they are traveling with their parents.

The UAE embassy does not issue tourist visas, but there are a couple of different ways you can apply. Certain UAE-based airlines can help make arrangements for your tourist visa. You’ll want to check with Etihad Airways, Emirates Airline, Fly Dubai, and Air Arabica to see what their conditions are.

You can also apply for this visa through the travel agent you are using or the hotel that you are staying at. Some businesses offer tourist packages that include the visa included in it. Just make sure you are working with a legitimate business before you pay them anything or send any personal documents in.

Who Can Apply for Dubai Tourist Visa?

What is the Dubai Tourist Visa Fees?

You’re probably wondering how much it costs to have a tourist visa in the UAE. It is actually pretty affordable. However, the fees vary depending on how long you plan on staying in Dubai and how many times you plan on leaving and returning.

Here’s an estimate of the Dubai tours visa fees:

30-day visa

Single Entry – AED 370

Multiple Entry – AED 650

90-day visa

Single entry – AED 700

Multiple entry – AED 1750

Some other fees to keep in mind for your Dubai tourist visa in UAE:

  • A deposit may be required, but it will be refundable
  • Other fees may be required when you renew your visa
  • Extra fees may also be applied for typing charge
Who Can Apply for Dubai Tourist Visa?

Tourist Visa Renewal Dubai

If you decide you need more time in Dubai, you can extend your tourist visa for 30 extra days. You can actually do this two times without needing to leave the country to make the process work. In order to do this, you’ll have to make sure you start the renewal process before the other visa expires and pay AED 600 for each visa that needs renewed.

If you overstay your welcome without getting your visa renewed, then you’ll get hit with an AED 100 fine for each day you overstay. These fines will start kicking in 10 days after your visa expires.

MSZ Consultancy Can Help with Your Visa

Our experts can help you through the tourist visa process from start to finish. We have a team of legal experts that are experienced in the visa process and a Public Relations Officer that can help complete all the time-consuming paperwork. Simply put, we make getting your visa easy. Whether you’re looking for details on where to get your visa or looking into a tourist visa extension in Dubai, we can help. Don’t wait! Call us today for a FREE consultation at +971 52 544 1248 and turn your trip to the UAE into an extended stay.


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