Business Setup in Ajman

Requirements, Costs, and Benefits – Everything you Need to Know for Business Setup in Ajman
Why You Should Consider Doing Business in Ajman?

Ajman may be the smallest Emirate in the UAE, but it is large in size when it comes to business opportunities. Ajman is located close to Sharjah and Dubai, which makes it a major hot spot for trading industries. The city’s modern, up-to-date services and facilities make it an appealing place for entrepreneurs looking to setup their company. The city also offers tax incentives, flexible legal framework, and cost saving solutions. And best of all, Ajman is one of the cheapest and oldest Free Zones in the UAE!

Steps for Business Setup in Ajman


Submit application

You will need to submit a company application form to the Customer Services Center for initial approval.


Verify location

Choose and verify your business location. After you have found a spot, follow up with the Inspection Unit in the municipality.


Get approval

Get approval from the specialized departments in the municipality.


Trade Name

Get the trade name approved and then a business register and membership certificate will be issued.


Pay fees

Pay all the necessary fees and submit the application to the Customer Services Center.

Documents Required

Passport copies of the shareholders
Proof of residence
Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association
Bank reference letter
Business plan and cost-benefit analysis

Best Locations and Types to Setup Your Business in Ajman

Ajman Mainland

Ajman Mainland

Ajman is thriving in the real estate, retail, manufacturing, and transportation industries. The city’s Mainland is one of the desirable spots to start a business because of all the benefits. On the Mainland, there are no corporate or personal taxes and there’s no minimum capital required. Another added bonus is that there’s no limitations on how many employment visas you can get so, the employee recruiting process can be pretty simple. In Ajman, the investor can have 100% ownership, but a local service agent is still needed.

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Ajman Offshore Company Formation

Ajman Offshore Company Formation

An Offshore company in Ajman is a convenient way to set up your company with many added benefits. With an Offshore company setup in Ajman, the entrepreneur has 100% of foreign ownership, no restriction on the repatriation of capital or profits, no corporate or personal tax, and no foreign currency restrictions. Business owners Offshore will only be allowed to get an incorporation certificate because they are non-resident companies, so they are not issued an operating license.

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Ajman Free Zone

Ajman Free Zone

Ajman’s Free Zone is situated in the perfect location to serve both the Eastern and Western markets due to its convenient accessibility. This area is the most cost-effective compared to other Free Zones in the United Arab Emirates. There’s several benefits for an entrepreneur to consider when setting up their business here like, 100% of both foreign ownership and repatriation of capital and profits. There’s also an exemption on taxes. And you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a place to do business, because Ajman’s Free Zone has a lot of business facilities with meeting rooms.

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Ajman Free Zone

Bonuses for Doing Business in Ajman

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Taxation benefits
  • The business registration process is simplified and straight-forward
  • Foreign investors can get a 20-year land lease

What License is Best for Your Business Setup in Ajman?

You will need a business license in order to set up your company and do business in Ajman. It is a government requirement to have a license and you will have to meet the requirements in ordered to be issued one. There are four main types of licenses you can apply for depending on what type of business you plan to set up.

National Industrial License

There’s a couple of requirements that will have to be met before you can get this license. First, the business must be registered with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and they must own at least 51% of its shares. And at least 40% of manufacturing processes should be accomplished in the Free Zone.

Trading License

This license will be needed for any business doing trading activities in Ajman. This includes the importing, exporting, and re-exporting of goods and services in the United Arab Emirates.

Industrial License

Any business carrying out manufacturing in any foreign, UAE, or Free Zone will need an industrial license. This includes manufacturing, mining, quarrying, electricity, gas, and water industries.

Professional License

Professional license is any business interested in providing professional or service license activities in Ajman. These businesses include agriculture, fishing, education, health, social work, community work, and personal services.

E-commerce License

This license is issued to e-commerce enterprises. It will facilitate online business entrepreneur’s partnerships with the Free Zone.

General Maintenance License

If anyone wants to start a maintenance business, they will need this license. A general maintenance license gives individuals in the maintenance business authority to make repairs and perform regular maintenance on buildings.

Successful Ajman Company Setup with MSZ Consultancy  

Ajman is one of the major spots in the UAE to form a company and we at MSZ Consultancy can help make it happen. The several tax benefits, hassle-free approvals, and low-operational cost are just many of the great benefits to starting a business in Ajman. The setup is pretty simple and the business operations are cost-effective. MSZ Consultancy will walk you through the entire process in helping you get your business started.  We will consult and guide you through the legal and licensing formalities and make sure you have everything you need to successfully setup and run your business in Ajman.



We are your one-stop for everything you need for setting up a business in Ajman. Our expert consultants will guide you through all the steps that are involved in getting your business up and running smoothly.  We help with everything you need from company formation, securing a space and a sponsor, answering any financial questions you have, and making sure you have all the legal paperwork you need finished on time.


At MSZ Consultancy, we help make your business dreams become a reality!  You won’t have to worry about losing a night of good sleep thinking if you have everything in place to open your business in Ajman,  because at MSZ Consultancy, we do all of the hard work for you.  We will guide you through the administrative, financial, and legal processes that you will need to start a business in UAE.


We don’t mean to brag, but we know what we are doing!  We are an award-winning team of consulting specialists with over a decade of prosperous results. We are successful because we truly care about our clients! Our services are customized for you and your business to make sure that you get everything you need at an affordable price.  We strive on being more just a service provider, we want you to consider us a long-term partner.


Our Success Stories

Learn How Companies Have Used the Experts at MSZ Consultancy to Build a Business in Ajman

Mr. Mujeeb has been very helpful since the beginning. He was not only focused on the procurement process of the license alone. He took his time to explain to me what are my best options for various activities. He took time to listen and understand his client’s needs. The entire process was a breeze! Thank you, Mr. Mujeeb and to MSZ!

Liz Cardona

I dealt with Mujeeb, who was very prompt at responding to my initial enquiry.

He listened to what I wanted, he did not presume anything or try to sell me something I didn't require or would not fit my purposes and always responded to my emails swiftly.

I am extremely satisfied with the service received from MSZ Consultancy and would definitely recommend them.

Charl Breytenbach

As MSZ consultancy has guided me to get my business license last month, I found it to have both a professional and friendly environment simultaneously, I recommend to everyone who is looking for business setup consultants in Dubai. Mr. Zubair was really understanding, cooperative and helpful throughout the process.

Nasreen Gulam

As easy as it could be, MSZ helped me setup my business and everything has just been uphill from there. The staff and the Employees were all so easy to talk to and friendly, 100% would recommend MSZ to everyone looking to setup their business.

Mariam George

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of business licenses available in Ajman?

  • National Industrial License
  • Trading License
  • Industrial License
  • Professional License
  • E-commerce License
  • General Maintenance License

What documents are required to get initial approval for company registration in Ajman?

You will need a copy of your passport, a copy of an identity card, and a NOC from the sponsor.

What is the procedure for reserving a trade name in Ajman?

You can apply for a trade name online, get an authorized document clearing office, or get one through an approved consultancy firm.

What type of business activity can a branch of a foreign company practice in Ajman?

The indirect industrial, commercial, and professional activities can be practiced.

Is having a physical office mandatory for business in Ajman?

Yes. You must have an office that is at least 550 sq ft.

What is the minimum capital requirement for business setup in Ajman?

The minimum capital required if the companies fall under Free Zone Company or Free Zone Establishment is AED 183,500.

What is the procedure for issuing a license in Ajman?

  • Reserve a trade name
  • Get preliminary approval
  • Draft an MoA
  • Get a service agent contract for occupational license
  • Get a lease contract

What are the steps for company formation in Ajman?

  • Submit an application at the Customer Services Center
  • Decide on a business location and contact the Inspection Unit in Ajman
  • Get a membership certificate
  • Submit documents to the Register of companies
  • Pay all the necessary fees

The Cost of Setting Up a Business in Ajman

The business setup cost in Ajman is overall pretty affordable, especially compared to the other Emirates. However, the price will vary drastically depending on the type of business that you want to set up and the location where you choose to do business from.

Mainland Business Setup Cost

Business setup in Ajman on the Mainland is affordable and inexpensive. There are some fees that you will have to take into consideration like the general trading license and the fee for a general maintenance license. And you can’t forget the cost of an office or business space, but Ajman’s Mainland offers some pretty competitive prices.

Free Zone Business Setup Cost

In the Free Zone, the Ajman business setup cost is the cheapest in the region. With both Free Zone and Offshore company setup in Ajman, you will need to take the license fees into consideration, along with the location fees.

Offshore Business Setup Cost

Overall, Ajman has a pretty good reputation for being the cheapest option for company formation, while still producing successful results!

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