Business Setup in Creative Free Zone in Al Quoz

Bringing Creativity Back to the Business World!

Al Quoz has traditionally served as an industrial hub for businesses operating in the UAE, but in 2021, the Crown Prince of Dubai launched the Creative free zone - a business sector dedicated entirely to creative enterprises. This free zone hopes to offer various services, facilities, and incentives to attract creative businesses to the region. Their mission is to become a one-stop shop for everything related to creative-based businesses.

The vision of transforming the cultural landscape of the UAE begins here in the Creative free zone. This zone covers a wide range of business fields, including cinema, music, audio-video production, gaming, software development, and much more. The Creative free zone will serve as a one-stop shop for all creative-based services. Additionally, this zone also offers multi-purpose office spaces and sophisticated online rental platforms that enable businesses to find, share and display rental spaces across all of Dubai.

Steps to Business Setup in Al Quoz Creative Zone

Setting up a business can often be a tangled process, regardless of location! However, the Creative free zone operates much like many of Dubai’s other free zones. Company formation in Al Quoz, Dubai is a relatively straightforward process, but you’ll want to come prepared! Below, we’ve outlined just what you’ll need to do to form a new company in the Creative free zone:


Determine your business type

Choose what type of business you’ll want to operate! The Creative free zone is perfect for those wishing to forge a business in the publishing, audio-visual production, historical, and cultural industries. To put it simply, if the business you’re in is creative at heart, you’re in the right place!


Apply for business licensing

You will want to collect all necessary documentation, including your Memorandum of Association, shareholder resolutions, and a bank reference letter, prior to submitting your application. You will also want to pay all fees required for submission.


Choose a business or trade name

You’ll want to pick out a business name that is not already claimed, and one that does not violate any federal or regional laws.


Choose an office space

You will want to pick out an office space and decide if you’d like it to be a private or shared work environment. The Creative free zone will also provide an excellent platform to help you find available brick and mortar offices in the area.


Receive licensing

You should receive your pre-approval within a few business days after submitting documentation, and from there, you’ll complete the process by registering your business and obtaining a license.

Receive licensing

What Types of Creative Professionals and Industries Benefit from Creative Free Zone

Business setup in Al Quoz is designed to draw in many different entrepreneurs from various business sectors. These fields can vary wildly, but all share the same core purpose: the cultivation of creativity. Some of these include professionals in:

– Cinema, video, and music production

– Major cultural events, libraries, and museums

– The video game industry and software development

– The Design Industry, fashion, and architecture

– Publishing, audio-visual, and print production

Receive licensing

Creative Free Zone: An Inspired Strategy for All

The Dubai creative economic strategy aims to improve the overall environment for potential investors, believing this goal is paramount for developing creative industries in the UAE. Here are a few different ways they plan to achieve that goal:

1. Fashion Dubai into the Capital of Creative Industry

The Creative free zone is built upon this same economic strategy. When fully implemented, it hopes to raise the number of creative enterprises significantly, from roughly 8,300 active businesses to a whopping 15,000 by 2025!

2. Incredible Opportunity Awaits Creative Professionals

Whether you’re in the cinema, publishing, or music industry, the Creative free zone offers numerous advantages and incentives, including a 10-year cultural visa granted for accomplished professionals in the creative fields. This is one of the longest residence visas available in the world.

3. Sustainable Creative Development

The Creative free zone concentrates on serving professionals that display tons of potential, and these clients will need ample room and opportunity to prosper. Al Quoz will provide comprehensive facilities and services to allow creatives to produce, sell and display their works.

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