Business Setup in UAE Mainland

Easy Business Setup in UAE Mainland with the experts at MSZ Consultancy

When it comes to business setup in the United Arab Emirates, the Mainland is the most popular location with entrepreneurs from around the world. That’s because the Mainland offers more flexibility for employment, business location, promotion, and more compared to companies in the Free Zone. And if that wasn’t enough, the UAE is one of the safest countries in the world!

Business Setup in UAE Mainland is a quick and easy process, but there are several steps involving paperwork and government formalities that you have to go through before you complete, business setup process. Contact MSZ Consultancy- one of the most preeminent Business setup consultants in Dubai offering services all over UAE. Our experts will guide you through complete incorporation process and provide you with all the support you need for a successful business setup in one of the most popular destinations in the world.

Steps for LLC Business Setup in UAE

If you are a foreign investor looking to form a company on UAE’s Mainland, you will only be able to practice industrial, commercial, trading, professional, or tourism activities. You will also have to get a local sponsor. A local sponsor serves as a sleeping partner and will own 51% of shares in the company. MSZ Consultancy can help you find a trustworthy local sponsor for your business. We can also guide you through all the steps you need to take for a hassle-free UAE Mainland business setup. Here are the steps it takes to form a company on the Mainland:


Select business activity

  1. The first and most important step is to determine your business activity. This will help when applying for your business license. The types of businesses allowed on the Mainland are:
  • Commercial/Trading
  • Consultancy
  • Professional
  • Industrial

Select legal form

Next, you’ll have to access your company’s requirements and business activities and choose the legal type for your company.


Select a trade name

Then, you’ll have to select a trade name for your company. The name must be clear, have meaning, and not be related to any religion.


Apply for initial approval in DED

Now, you’ll have to apply for initial approval from the DED. A Mainland company has to be registered with the Department of Economic Development (DED). This is the department that will issue your business license.


Prepare MOA and LSA agreement

After you submit your information to the DED, they will prepare the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and the Local Sponsor Agreement (LSA).


Establish a business location

To have a business on the Mainland, you’ll need office space. During this step, you’ll have to get a lease contract. You can rent or buy a spot anywhere in the Emirate that you have registered your company in.


Get approvals

Now, you’ll have to get approval from the required authorities based on what type of business you will have. For example, some business activities require approval from the Ministry of Health and Prevention, Police, etc. MSZ Consultancy can help you figure out if your business will need more approvals during formation.


Collect business license

You’ll finally be able to get your business license after the MOA and LSA are signed, all the approvals are obtained, and you’ve made all the required payments.

Documents Required

Registration and licensing applications
Proof of reserved trade name
Photocopy of passport and residence permit
UAE nationals will need a photocopy of the applicant’s naturalization identification
No-objection letters
Photocopy of the director’s passport
Permission from the court to practice business for applicants under 21 years
Government approvals

Business Licenses for Mainland Business Setup UAE

All businesses in the UAE require a business license, even businesses on the Mainland. This is an important step to business setup because, without a license, your company won’t be considered legal. There are three types of business licenses you can apply for.

Commercial License

If you plan on doing any commercial trading, then you will need a commercial license. This license works for both general traders and specialized traders. This license isn’t just for trading, it’s also issued for businesses in construction, transportation, stockpiling, communication, financial intermediation, real estate, and leasing.

Professional License

A professional license allows 100% for foreign investors. This license is for any company or individual that uses their business to share expertise as a service. Some businesses that require this license are consultancy services, facilities management, tourism, and more.

Industrial License

This license is issued to companies that transform natural material or raw materials into finished goods. Basically, companies that are in production will need an industrial license.

Industrial License

Benefits of business Setup in UAE Mainland

  • 100% repatriation of the capital
  • No corporate and personal income taxes
  • A Mainland can have more than one branch
  • Available office space in a strategic location
  • Cost-effective company formation
  • Government-friendly atmosphere
  • Availability to trade with other Mainland companies

Locations for Business Setup in UAE Mainland

There are seven emirates in the UAE that all offer strategic locations for business setup. The country’s business-friendly economic policies, quick company formation, and low costs make any Mainland a perfect place for business in the UAE.

Dubai Mainland

Dubai Mainland

Dubai is the most favorable business destination in the world! With a company in Dubai, you’ll have the opportunity to trade across Dubai and in the UAE in a prime location. You’ll have to get a commercial or professional license in order to set up a business on the Mainland.

Abu Dhabi Mainland

Abu Dhabi Mainland

Mainland Abu Dhabi is known for a luxurious lifestyle and is one of the richest areas in the UAE. Abu Dhabi has a world-class infrastructure with a prominent location between Europe, Asia, and Africa. Real estate, business, tourism, and industrial development are big businesses in the area.

Ajman Mainland

Ajman Mainland

Ajman Mainland has one of the most developed economies. Real estate, construction, and manufacturing are all industries flourishing in the Emirate. Business setup in Ajman Mainland requires hiring a local sponsor that will have a 51% share in the company.

Sharjah Mainland

Sharjah Mainland

Sharjah is considered to be one of the fastest-growing Emirates in the UAE. Business Setup in Sharjah LLC can be one of the best options suited for businessmen and entrepreneurs. Sharjah Mainland is at a valued location which connects major trading zones and is one of the safest cities with excessive economic supply.

Easy UAE Mainland Business Setup with MSZ Consultancy

Business Setup in UAE Mainland is an easy process, but there are still several legal steps you have to go through to get your business setup. A minor mistake could put a hold on the setup process. Don’t let that happen to you! Trust MSZ Consultancy to guide you through the entire business setup process. We will help you through all the paperwork and legal steps you need for a smooth business setup. Don’t wait! Get started on building your dream company today! Call MSZ Consultancy at +971 52 544 1248 for a free consultation.


We help entrepreneurs just like you to form their company in the UAE Mainland. We are experts in all forms of business setup and will help you with the financial and legal assistance you need to make you self-reliant. We will guide you through the entire process and advise the best business options for your company in the UAE.


Our unique team of business setup consultants has over 15 years of experience in setting up businesses in the UAE. Our consultants, lawyers, and PRO executives have a strong relationship with government officials and will help you get in touch with the right people for a quick, hassle-free business setup.


We are the only stop you need for business setup. We provide start-to-end solutions for setting up businesses in the UAE. We tailor our services to fit your exact needs. Not only do we help in successfully setting-up your company, but we also provide financial, legal, and corporate services for the long-term success of your business.

Trademark Registration

We offer trademark registration, protection, renewal, and amendments. We also help with web domain name purchase and renewal. MSZ Consultancy will help with anything you need regarding trademark registration to protect your company.

Local Sponsorship

A local sponsor is required for foreign investors who want to form a company on Dubai’s Mainland. The local sponsor will hold 51% of the shares in your company. We can help you find a reliable sponsor you can trust with your company.

PRO Services

Our expert Public Relations Officer will handle all your documentation and clearing services. PRO services include opening a corporate bank account, passport clearance, family visas, and more.

Bank Account Assistance

It’s important to have a bank in the UAE so you can keep track of your assets. MSZ Consultancy can help you get all the requirements you need to get your company a bank account.

Product Registration

All products that are manufactured and distributed in Dubai will need to be registered. We can help with that too! Having your product registered will help build label and brand protection while also providing hassle-free trading.

Business Centers

It can be hard finding an office space in Dubai when you aren’t familiar with the area. MSZ Consultancy has strategic Business Centers located across UAE. We can find you a turn-key office that is perfect for all your business needs.

Company Liquidation

We help with the business liquidation preparation, the cost of closing, insolvency, and bankruptcy, and everything else when it comes to the liquidation of your company. We will make sure you meet all the legal requirements for a successful liquidation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a mainland business in the UAE?

Starting a UAE mainland business involves several steps, including:

  1. Decide business activity
  2. Select legal form
  3. Select the trade name
  4. Apply for initial approval
  5. Prepare an MOA and LSA agreement
  6. Establish a business location 
  7. Get approvals
  8. Take business license

What is mainland business in UAE?

A mainland business in UAE is a business that operates from and within the UAE and is subject to the laws and regulations of the UAE. It has access to the UAE market and its customers. However, your business should be registered under the DED (Department of Economic Development).

What is the difference between mainland and free zone?

Businesses in UAE Free Zone are allowed to conduct business within the Free Zone only, and outside of the UAE. Whereas, UAE Mainland companies are allowed to do business anywhere, both within the UAE and internationally.

What are the advantages of setting up a company in the Dubai Mainland? There are many benefits of starting a business in the UAE mainland, some of which are:

  • Conduct business freely across the UAE
  • Get unlimited visas based on office size
  • Choose any location within mainland Dubai for your office
  • More opportunities for business activities
  • Face fewer nationality constraints for ownership and visas
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