How to Change or Add a Business Activity in Dubai?

Change/Add a Business Activity in Dubai – DED adopts simple procedures to facilitate any changes in licenses.

The adding/changing activities must be matching with the existing activity group. If the adding/changing activity is not matching with the existing activity group then you must select a new one and also remove all existing activities.
External departments approval also needed for some business activities like approval from Municipality for Building Contracting, RTA approval for Transport.

Following are the required documents to Change/Add a Business Activity in Dubai

Documents required for Initial Approval

  • Registration and also the licensing application
  • Proof of the reserved trade name
  • Original License
  • Original Certificate of Registration.
  • Approval from the DED (for foreign company branches registered with the Ministry)
  • Board Resolution of Parent companies to change the activity (for branches of a foreign company not registered with the Ministry of Economy).
  • Office lease agreement copy.

Documents required after getting the Initial Approval

  • In order to get the Initial Approval, all documents submitted before.
  • Amendment to the Memorandum of Association (MOA) regarding change of business activity

Steps to follow for adding a business activity in Dubai

Step 1: Initial approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED) or Tas’heel Centre.

Step 2: Type BR1 form and also get the signature of the Managing Director and then submit at DED.

Step 3: Signature of all partners is not needed for amendment, but all names must be typed.

Step 4: Then DED officer will write NOC for adding activity

Step 5: Write Addendum to LLC Agreement from a legal translator and also get attested from Notary Public at DED.

Step 6: If the agreement is only in Arabic then no needed the Legal translator’s seal.

Step 7: All Partners of the company have to attend at Notary to sign the Court Agreement. If any existing partner is outside the country then he/she can send Power of Attorney (POA) authorizing other Partner to represent him/her at the Court.

Step 8: Submit the required documents along with attested Addendum at any branch of DED.

Step 9: Get the new License with new activity after the payment at DED.

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