Consultancy License that requires CEPPS Certificate

CEPPS Certificate

CEPPS Certificate – If you are looking for setting up a business in Dubai that will providing consultancy services, then one of the director/ partner will take and also pass the Management Skills Placement Test (MSPT) through CEPPS to get a certificate; before obtaining your professional license from the Department of Economic Development (DED).

DED has established a Qualification Center for Professional License Holders in cooperation with the American University in Dubai (AUD) to train and develop directors working in consultancy professions and also practicing economic activities.

MSPT consists of four parts:

Following are the four parts of MSPT

Part 1:

Basic Marketing Questions (24 Points)

Part 2:

Basic Financial Management Questions (20 Points)

Part 3:

Basic Management Questions (20 Points)

Part 4:

Three Short Cases (36 Points)

Total score is 100 Points and also the passing score is 60 Points out of 100 points

Exam Cost: AED 2000

Exam location: American University Dubai

Following are the activities that will require CEPPS Certificates:

Activity Code   Business Activity
742163 Vertical & Horizontal Transportation Systems Consultant
742166 Green Buildings Consultant
742167 Science & Technology Consultancy
731002 Environmental Consultants & Studies
741401 Transport Consultancies
671903 Banking & Finance Consultants
671908 Pawn Consultant
741426 Logistics Consultancy
741434 Maritime Consultancies Services
741204 Tax Consultant
741301 Marketing Research & Consultancies
721001 Computer Systems Consultancies
741402 Feasibility Studies Consultancies
721002 Network Consultancies
721003 Information Technology Consultants
721004 Internet Consultancy
741405 Management Consultancies
741406 Human Resources Consultancies
741408 Media Studies & consultancies
741413 Facilities Resources Planning Consultancy
741416 Spa & Fitness Clubs Consultant
741417 Project Development Consultant
741420 Sourcing Procurement Consultant
741429 Cooking Consultant
743001 Advertising Research & Consultancies

This will apply for any licenses that have any of the above activities; and also this will include licenses that need to be renewed or amended.

Registration and also the payment for the exam must be done online at using a valid credit card.