Dubai Knowledge Park commonly known as Dubai Village Park is a TECOM Free Zone. It is one of the best suited Free Zone for businessmen who are looking to establish human resource management. It is a unique business hub for entrepreneurs who are looking for business setup in Dubai. This Free Zone has world-class infrastructure and facilities that fulfill the requirements of investors who want to conduct business in Dubai.

Why is Dubai Knowledge Park right for your business

  • Visa with Flexi Desk:

While this Free Zone is home to businessmen and big companies it is also one of the major hubs for small entrepreneurs and startups. The Flexi desk is perfect for entrepreneurs who don’t require a permanent physical office but still require certain office facilities.

  • Ideal for Freelancers:

Dubai Knowledge Park is ideal for freelancers who allow you to establish as a one-person company. Freelancers have access of the TECOM Free Zones business facilities and equipment.

  • Affordable business setup:

The Dubai Knowledge Park company setup process is easily affordable. All you need to do is submit the necessary documents, including passport copies and pay the necessary fees to obtain the license for the same.

  • Setup with multiple shareholders:

This TECOM free zone assists in setting up the business with more than one shareholder which includes both individuals and corporates.

  • Location:

This Free Zone is one of the strategic hubs and the location is the major factor with easy reach of transport terminals and points of interest.

Procedure for company registration in TECOM:

  • Choose the company type

To register business in TECOM Free Zone the entrepreneur must choose the following types of company:

  1. LLC with corporate person as a shareholder
  2. With natural and corporate person as a shareholder
  3. LLC with natural person as a shareholder

  • Select the licensing type

Your business activity determines which type of license is required for company registration in Dubai Knowledge Park. The types of licenses are:

  1. Trading License
  2. Service License  

  • Submit the application form

The businessman needs to complete the application form and submit the required documents along with the payment of necessary fees. 

Documents required

  • Shareholders passport copy
  • Application form
  • Business plan
  • Memorandum of Association [MOA] and Articles of Association [AOA]

Company Registration in TECOM Free Zone with MSZ Consultancy

Are you planning to set up your business at Dubai Knowledge Park? Contact MSZ Consultancy; we are one of the leading consultancies in Dubai. Our team of experts will not only assist you in how to establish business in Dubai but will also help you in licensing procedures, PRO services, and more. Get in touch with us today!

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