Health and fitness are now trending in Dubai and is becoming a fashion in the UAE. Every individual whether local Emirate or ex-pat is working on achieving the goal of attaining the ideal condition of health. Which is giving rise to setting up a gym in Dubai and obtaining a gym license in Dubai. The UAE has enough gyms but there are still plenty of business opportunities for personal trainer licenses in Dubai.

There are also new and modern fitness techniques adopted by individuals and gyms are taking a huge interest in these modern fitness techniques. Many of such techniques are unique and unusual while several gyms are exclusively providing the gym fitness services. Few modern gym trends are popular in the gym. Let us understand in detail: 

How to obtain a gym license in Dubai:

Types of gym techniques:

  • Boutique gym:

This is a type of gym where exercises are done in a fun and relaxed environment. Here you will be provided with exercises of your choice. You can also enjoy soothing music, beautifully decorated places, and a company of other energetic people who are interested in your favorite exercise. There are several gyms that are conducting such exercises for people in Dubai and it is also a great opportunity for growing your business in this field.

  • CrossFit:

This exercise combines elements of various workout techniques which include weightlifting, and gymnastics. This type of fitness training is quite popular among Emirates. The CrossFit experts have gained popularity at a national and international level and many individuals are following them.

  • Fitness for a specific age group:

Apart from the youth, the trend for gyms is for older people, and children are gaining popularity. Due to the increase in these trends, several gyms have now started classes for specific aged groups for the older groups as well as children. These types of gyms are boosting the business of the gym as every class of age group is now visiting gyms and focusing on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS):

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a physical exercise that uses electric shocks to make active muscles at an intensity more than they can be done manually.  It is very helpful at burning fat in the fastest way possible rate. One can burn fat and build muscles in just 20 minutes. This workout is trendy in Dubai where people want to obtain maximum fitness in the shortest possible time.

How to open a gym in Dubai:

  • The instructors and users of the facilities in the fitness club or health centers are required to wear gym clothes.
  • All the staff working in the fitness center must maintain personal hygiene
  • The staff members performing massages are required to be qualified from DOHMS

Gym health clubs, fitness center must contain the following:

  • Source of drinking water
  • Changing area with lockers/cupboards
  • All essential first aid items
  • Well maintained furniture and machines
  • Hand wash basin with liquid soap
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Appropriate ventilation 

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