The number of Business establishments in UAE has witnessed significant growth. The reason being the solid infrastructure, innovation and collaborative networking that attracts millions of investors. Dubai has a range of business activities, ranging from startups to e-commerce business efforts.  The increase in the flow of immigrants has led to incorporating a number of Manpower agencies in the UAE. Human resources across the country have made Dubai their home for incorporating a recruitment agency.

How to start a Manpower Agency in Dubai?

In order to start the recruitment agency in Dubai, the first and the most important thing is to obtain a manpower supply license which is issued by the Ministry of Labor. Obtaining this license will help you in conducting the labor activity in Dubai. The next step is to apply for the name reservation of the company,  make sure that your company name is unique and is not already existing in the register. Apply for the notarization of the company’s MOA at the Department of Economic Development (DED). File the documents and apply for approval. Receive the license and apply for the labor card. The final step is to Register the workers with the Ministry of Labor and General Authority for Pension and Social Security.


Terms and conditions for obtaining a recruitment license in UAE:

  •  A UAE National must own the company.
  • He/She must have a degree of graduation or at least a high school degree 
  • The shareholder must be above 21 years of age and should be a UAE National. 
  • The partners’ legal records should be clean
  • The applicant should provide a bank guarantee to the ministry
  • The employers are hired for recruitment service only
  • He/she must have a head office with clear address
  • All the necessary government fees are paid to approve the final license

Documents required to set up manpower supply agency:

  • Passports of the shareholders
  • A statement of good conduct
  • Blueprint of the company’s location
  • Applicant’s family book
  • ID card
  • Shareholder’s written-statement of opening the company
  • Trade name application with the trade register

Benefits of setting up a Manpower Agency in Dubai:

  • Taxation benefits
  • Minimum operational costs
  • Free transfer of funds
  • No foreign exchange control
  • Ready-made office, factories
  • Duty-free

Protection criteria for Workers:

Dubai government is extremely strict when it comes to the protection of workers that are recruited for manpower agency. Excluding the guaranteed deposit the recruitment agency is required to deposit AED 2000 for each employee that is being recruited. The company is also required to hire a qualified and professional experienced manager. The agency has to ensure the protection of workers and should abide by the rules. 

Starting a recruitment agency comes with a risk of its own if you are not aware of the process. Consulting expertise for the same will simplify the process of setting up your business. Contact MSZ consultancy, for starting your company. Our team of experts will provide you the best business solutions. 

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