International Business Companies (IBC) in UAE Offshore

Establish an Offshore IBC with the help of expert business consultants in UAE

International business company (IBC) formation in UAE is a popular business option for foreign entrepreneurs that are looking to create an offshore company in the UAE. One of the main reasons for this type of business is to create asset protection while getting all the benefits of a UAE company, like being exempted from taxes and duties. You’ll also get international recognition and 100% ownership with your international business company.

If you think IBC in UAE Offshore is the perfect fit for your company, we can help you get setup. The team at MSZ Consultancy are experts in company formation in the UAE. Keep reading to see how you can register RAK IBC and how we can help you get started.

What is the Difference Between an Onshore and IBC Offshore Company?

A UAE Offshore company is a great solution for people who want to purchase a property within the UAE but hold their assets outside the UAE. Both Onshore and Offshore companies offer their own set of great benefits. The main difference between the two is that you aren’t required to rent an office in the UAE with an offshore company. Here are some other differences between the two companies:

Onshore Company

  • Mainly for the location of domestic
  • An Onshore company is more expensive because it requires a local sponsor, physical office space, and government fees.
  • Applicable for VAT
  • Businesses in the onshore are not confidential

IBC Offshore Company

  • Can be expanded internationally.
  • Cost-effective because it requires less fees.
  • Not applicable for VAT.
  • These businesses are completely confidential.
IBC Offshore Company

Rules and Regulation in Forming an IBC in UAE

The rules and regulations for an Offshore IBC are made under the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority Offshore Companies Rules and Regulations.

Here are some of those regulations that have been put into place:

  • An IBC can engage in any area of business in the UAE except for banking and insurance.
  • An Offshore company cannot engage with contractual partners either natural or legal.
  • IBCs can’t open new branches in the UAE.

RAK Offshore Company Formation

Ras Al Khaimah is a popular spot for investors. It is also one of the fastest-growing Emirates in the UAE. You couldn’t ask for a better location, RAK is just an hour from Dubai, 15 minutes away from the RAK airport, 30 minutes from Sharjah, and just 45 minutes from the Dubai Airport.


Because the RAK is technically an Offshore company, it is perfect for entrepreneurs with no intention of trading within the Emirates. It’s also a great area for outsourcing because of its highly skilled workforce.


If you’re looking to register for RAK IBC, here are some of the benefits:


  • Offers offshore retail and investment banking
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Strategic location near airports and ports
  • Local currency linked to the US dollar to ensure a stable exchange rate
  • Minimal renewal fees
  • Easy setup
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • No requirements for resident directors/shareholders
  • No reporting requirements
RAK Offshore Company Formation

Benefits of Establishing an IBC Company in UAE Offshore

  • Complete confidentiality – With an Offshore company, you won’t be asked to publish financial information or the details of the directions and shareholders.
  • Fast formation – It only takes about 3-7 days for offshore company formation in UAE.
  • Easy bank account in the UAE – It’s easy to open a bank account in the UAE. The banks are flexible and support multiple currencies.
  • Lower capital requirement – Offshore company registration requires a minimal capital investment. Some areas don’t even require capital at all.
  • No visit required – An investor isn’t required to visit authorities for Offshore IBC formation. A registered agent can get the procedure done.
  • No taxes – Offshore companies are exempted from income tax, corporate tax, and personal tax.

Easy IBC Company Setup in UAE Offshore with MSZ Consultancy

With all the great business benefits, it’s no wonder entrepreneurs from around the world are drawn to the UAE for company formation. If you want to form an IBC in UAE Offshore, we can help. We have a strong team of professionals that can help you build your company from scratch. Contact us today at +971 52 544 1248, and start forming your Offshore IBC with MSZ Consultancy.


We help with business setup in the UAE. We are specialized in all forms of company formation and will give you the financial and legal advice that you need along the way.


We have a professional team made up of the best business setup consultants, lawyers, and PRO executives. We provide setup services for companies in the Free Zones, Mainland, and Offshore. And as a bonus, our strong relationships with government officials will help speed up the setup process.


MSZ Consultancy doesn’t just help with business setup, we also offer valuable insights and corporate services to help you out during your business journey. And you won’t find better customer service or more affordable prices than we offer at MSZ Consultancy.

Trademark Registration

We help with all trademark registration services, including – trademark protection, renewal, and amendments, patent registration and renewal, patent protection web domain purchasing, and more.

Local Sponsorship

A local sponsor is required for foreign entrepreneurs who have a business on UAE Mainland. A sponsor is a great resource for helping you understand the legal requirements in the UAE. We can help you find a trustworthy sponsor for your company.

PRO Services

We offer PRO services to help you handle all of your documentation and clearing services. This includes license renewals, visas, labor contracts, and more.

Bank Account Assistance

You will need to setup a bank account in the UAE for your company. We can explain the various bank policies and benefits and make sure you have all the required documents needed to quickly get your account established.

Product Registration

All products manufactured and distributed in Dubai will need to be registered. This includes cosmetics, food, health products, and more. We can help you through the product registration process.

Business Centers

If you need an office or building for your company, we can help you find the perfect spot. We have Business Centers located throughout Dubai in the best locations. We can find you a fully furnished office to move right into or an empty building to customize and make your own. Whatever you need, we have something that will work!

Company Liquidation

We will coordinate with the authorities to guarantee a hassle-free liquidation for your company. We will help with employee payments, business name cancellation, and any other legal requirements needed for easy company liquidation.

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