Getting a Trade License in the UAE

Getting a Trade License in the UAE
December 22, 2020

The United Arab Emirates is a well-known business destination for business owners across the world. The county offers tax-free incentives, a business-friendly government, a strategic location, and so much more. In order to do business in the UAE, you’ll need a trade License or business license.

The business license that you will need will all depend on the type of activities that you plan to do with your company. Here are the different types of trade licenses that are available in the UAE and some of the industries they serve:

  1. Commercial License – logistics, car rental, real estate, healthcare, etc.
  2. Industrial License – food, textile, metals, paper, etc.
  3. Professional License – carpentry, beauty salons, repair services, consultancy, etc.
  4. Tourism License – hotels, travel agencies, cruise boats, etc.
  5. Agricultural License – trading fertilizers, livestock, etc.
  6. Craftsmanship License – carpentry, plumbers, blacksmithing, etc.


Here are the steps you have to take to set up your business in the UAE and get your business license:

• Get required permission
• Select a business activity
• Choose a local sponsor
• Select a legal form or structure
• Reserve a trade name
• Apply for initial approval
• Get external approvals
• Rent an office
• Register your tenancy contract with Ejari
• Submit important documents
• Make Payments

If you want to take part in the UAE’s booming economy, now is the time! MSZ Consultancy can easily help you with your business setup. The most important step to company formation is getting your business license. While the process is fairly simple, it does require a lot of paperwork. Contact the experts at MSZ Consultancy at +971 52 544 1248 for your FREE Consultation.

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