Masdar City Free Zone, UAE

Leading the Way in Developing Green Energy

Established in 2006, Masdar City Free Zone is one of the largest economic development schemes in the world. It’s a sector that plays an integral role in drawing investors and entrepreneurs to the UAE. A straightforward business setup model, commercial office spaces, and enticing regulations make owning a company here easy, affordable, and prosperous.

This business sector is aimed at providing an international hub for oil, gas, and energy companies to discover, study, and develop energy products that make sustainability possible. It’s an effective jurisdiction for forming your business, with a business-friendly climate and advantageous tax incentives.

Masdar City Free Zone Focuses on Four Core Aspects

The Masdar City Free Zone is a jurisdiction dedicated to four essential aspects of the energy industry. These include:

  • • Masdar Power

This aspect covers the power projects throughout Masdar City and other enterprises in the UK and Seychelles.

  • • Masdar Carbon

Masdar Carbon is focused on providing clean development of carbon storage facilities and mechanism projects.

  • • Masdar Institute of Science and Technologies

This non-profit component focuses on the research and education surrounding the development of clean or alternative energy sources.

  • • Masdar Venture

Masdar Venture is aimed to target investments in clean energy sources and environmental services.

What Are the Benefits of Starting a Business in the Masdar Free Zone?

Bult to house over 1,500 businesses and nearly 50,000 residents at any given time, the Masdar Free Zone is home to an extensive array of business possibilities. So let’s break down just a few of the most significant benefits of business setup in Masdar City Free Zone.

• Complete exemption from person, income, or corporate taxes

• 100% ownership for foreign investors with no need for local sponsorship

• 100% repatriation of profits

• Access to both regional and international markets

• Low-cost office spaces and housing

• A stable, centralized government

• Relaxed visa restrictions

• Close proximity to ports, airports, and highways

• Convenient location near the city of Dubai

• A business-friendly environment

• Easy company formation in Masdar City Free Zone

• Environmentally sustainable

• Dual licensing possibilities

• A unique talent and an educated workforce

• Zero import tariffs

Legal Entities in Masdar City Free Zone

When you form a business in the Masdar City Free Zone, you’ll be able to choose between several unique legal structures. These legal frameworks will determine how you and your shareholders will handle profits, losses, and risks surrounding your investments. Let’s take a quick look at how you can build your business’s legal structure.

  • • Free Zone Limited Liability Company (LLC)

A limited liability company is a private company structure that limits the risks and liabilities of owners. As a result, business owners of an LLC company can not be personally liable for any losses incurred when conducting business.

  • • Branch of a Foreign Company

A branch is a legal term for a business that operates under a larger corporation. In many cases, these parent companies are located in foreign lands but are responsible for any profits or losses a branch may experience.

  • •  Branch of Locally Registered Company

As one can imagine, the sole difference between a local branch and an international branch is its location. Locally registered companies are permitted to conduct business with branches throughout the UAE.

The Best Businesses to Start in Masdar City Free Zone

Thanks to years of careful planning and coordination by UAE authorities, Free Zones like Masdar City can provide many benefits for burgeoning businesses. And for the savvy investor, there is plenty of opportunity in this jurisdiction. Let’s take a look at a few great business activities in Masdar City.

• Renewable Energy

• Clean Technology

• Energy Companies

• Marketing and Event Coordination

• Healthcare Services

• Oil and Gas Companies

• Property Development Agencies

• Data Centers

• Retail Outlets

• Restaurants

• Human Resources

• And Much More!

Hot to Setup a Business in Masdar City Free Zone

Company formation in Masdar City Free Zone is designed to be straightforward and stress-free. But despite the ease of access, there are several essential steps you’ll need to know if you plan to own and operate a successful business in this jurisdiction. Many smart entrepreneurs will seek the assistance of business setup consultants to help them handle company formation. But if you’re taking on this process alone, here are the steps you’ll need to take.

Step 1: Choose a Business Activity

Obviously, the first step in creating a company is deciding what products or services it provides. This will take ample research, including a well-developed business plan, analyzing the market, and paying attention to competitors.

Step 2: Register Your Business Name

Every business will need a name! To secure yours, you’ll need to send a trade name request to the Department of Economic Development, ensuring that it has not previously been chosen and does not include profanity. Failure to abide by the rules and regulations can result in the outright dismissal of your business formation request.

Step 3: Submit License Application

With your business name handled, your next step will be to gather all the necessary documentation and submit your completed license application.

Step 4: Open a Corporate Bank Account

You’ll need a corporate bank account to exchange currency as a business. Luckily, the UAE is home to a wide selection of internationally known banking institutions, giving plenty of options for your business account.

Step 5: Pay Fees and Secure License

After providing enough time for processing, you’ll want to pay the necessary application fees. Once complete, you’ll receive your business license and copies of your submitted documentation. With this license, you can now conduct business in the Masdar City Free Zone!

Documents Required for Business Setup in Masdar City Free Zone

As mentioned above, when you apply for a business license, you must submit several important documents. These documents include the following:

1. A business plan

2. Shareholder details or parent company information

3. Board resolution from parent company

4. Director and Manager’s details

5. Memorandum of Association

6. Articles of Associations

7. Copies of visas for shareholders and employees

8. Passport-sized photos for all shareholders

Business Setup Cost in Masdar City Free Zone

When it comes to business setup in Masdar City Free Zone, you can expect to pay roughly AED 28,000, or 7,800 USD. This will cover your registration fees, licensing fees, and office spaces. However, these costs only scratch the surface of your total business setup expenses in the Masdar City Free Zone.

For example, you will need to consider the overhead costs of your chosen business activity, additional licensing fees, and more. For a better understanding of the total cost of business setup in the UAE, it may be helpful to connect with professional business setup consultants that are knowledgeable about the entire process.

MSZ Consultancy Can Help Your Business Prosper!

From business formation in the UAE to handling crucial renewals, MSZ Consultancy has years of experience helping businesses make the most of their investments.

  1. 1. What We Do

MSZ Consultancy is dedicated to helping investors and entrepreneurs handle business setup, visa applications, license renewals, securing Public Relations Officers, legal setup, and more.

  1. 2. How We Can Help

Our skilled consultant experts possess inside knowledge on the day-to-day handling of business in the UAE, freeing you up and giving you a fantastic advantage when it comes to making the right business decisions.

  1. 3. Why Choose Us

The UAE is home to many different business possibilities. And we want to help you take advantage of that! This is precisely why you want the knowledge and capabilities of experienced business professionals on your side.


Business formation in the UAE is designed to be simple and straightforward. However, founding a new company or investing in an established one is a big undertaking! And during that undertaking, you’re bound to have a few questions. To help, we’ve put together a few of the most frequently asked questions about forming your business in the Masdar City Free Zone.

  • Do I need to have a local sponsor to start my business in the Masdar Free Zone?

    No! Businesses forming in the Masdar City Free Zone are allowed complete company ownership, with no need for local sponsorships.

  • How many days would it take to get my license for my business in Masdar City Free Zone?

    In most cases, Licenses in the Masdar City Free Zone are issued within five days of your application.

  • Can I transfer my company from Masdar City to another Free Zone in the UAE?

    It is currently impossible to transfer your company from Masdar City Free Zone to another jurisdiction. Existing licenses will need to be canceled, and a new license in the new Free Zone must be acquired.

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