Offshore Business Setup in Dubai

Easy Offshore business setup in Dubai with the business experts at MSZ Consultancy

For foreign entrepreneurs, Dubai Offshore is the best place to set up their business; with world-class infrastructure, strategic location, corporate tax exemption, hassle-free company setup process, liberal government policies, and diverse economy, you can easily set up your business. Here are a few simple and easy steps you need to follow to start your dream business in Dubai. These steps include selecting your business activities and trade name, applying for a license, deciding the legal structure, registering your business with all necessary documents, getting approvals, obtaining a license, and opening a bank account. You will also require some documents such as a tenancy contract, license application, MOA, approval letters, trade name certificate, visa, approval letters, emirate ID, and other essential documents. Follow all these steps carefully for a quick company setup in Dubai.

If you are planning to set up an offshore company in Dubai, then MSZ Consultancy has got you covered. We know the process might seem complex to you, but experts at MSZ consultancy are here to help you with everything, from paperwork and documentation to approvals. Our time-tested process will make your company setup formation quick and hassle-free. Connect with our experts at +971 52 544 1248 they will provide you with the best solution for business formation in Dubai.

If you want to start your business in the UAE and see it grow, an offshore company is perfect for you. An Offshore company is known as a non-resident company because it can be owned by a person or an enterprise that lives anywhere in the world. Although the company isn’t in Dubai, they will still get all the advantages of a UAE company like no corporate, personal, import, or export taxes. One of the main reasons for Offshore business setup in Dubai is complete confidentiality over financial matters. If you think an offshore company is right for your business, let the experts at MSZ Consultancy help you through the business setup process.

How to Setup a Company in Dubai Offshore

With tax benefits, confidentiality, low costs, and global recognition, it’s no wonder business is so popular on Dubai’s Offshore. If you’re ready to set up your company and start seeing the big benefits, there are several legal procedures that you have to go through.


Company name

First, you’ll have to suggest three names that you want for your company. The name can’t contradict the intended business activities, and it can’t include the name of cities, countries, or continents. Registration authorities will pick the final name.


Determine the business activity

Next, you’ll have to decide what type of business you plan on having. This can be a company like a consultancy, trading, professional services, and more. Your business activity will determine your business license.


Finalize the ownership structure

Now, you’ll have to choose the structure of the business. This includes directors, shareholders, and principals. You’ll have to have at least one shareholder and two directors for Offshore business setup Dubai.


Provide documents

Now, you’ll have to submit the documents and your application for approval. You’ll also be issued your Certificate of Incorporation, MOA, and Share Certificates during this step.


Bank account opening

You’ll have to get all the documents together to apply for your bank account. You’ll need:

  • Copy of passport
  • Bank statement
  • Bank forms

Documents Required

Copy of passports for the directors and shareholders
Proof of address from the last three months
A concise Curriculum Vitae of shareholders
Reference letter issued by a Bank
Memorandum of Association (MOA)
Share Certificate

Features for Offshore Business Setup in Dubai

There are so many great qualities for offshore business setup in Dubai. Below are some of the features that make business on the Offshore so much unique than doing business on anywhere else in the UAE:


  • The offshore company has no obligations to maintain its books and records – Because this company setup is so unique, you won’t have to inform the government about your company’s finances with audits, forms, etc.


  • There is no need for a shareholder to be physically available – Shareholders do not need to have a visa in the UAE, so they don’t need to be present.


  • No need to obtain a UAE visa – You won’t have to worry about visa fees and renewals because you don’t need a visa for an offshore company because a physical office is not required.


  • No need to carry business within the UAE – The company is not physically in the UAE, so you don’t need to do business in the country.


  • There is no need for physical office space – Since the business is done outside of the jurisdiction where the company is registered, there’s no need to have a physical office.

Companies Allowed in Offshore Dubai

An Offshore company is like other companies in the UAE. Here are the uses of an offshore entity:

International Trading

A trading company can be formed on Dubai Offshore. How does it work? The company would have to take orders from the customer and then have the goods delivered straight from the manufacturer to the customer.

Professional Services

You can use an offshore business to have a consultancy, advisory services, or counseling business.

Property Owning Companies

You can use an Offshore company to help avoid complicated inheritance procedures.

Investment Companies

With an Offshore Company, people can invest their money in different projects.

Copyrights, Trademarks, and Patents

Any kind of copyright or trademark can be registered in the name of an offshore company.

Holding Companies

Offshore companies can be used as a holding company, so business owners can manage all their business under one structure.

Holding Companies

Benefits to Business Setup in Dubai Offshore

  • Low-cost setup of your international business entity
  • Quick and fast company registration
  • 100% foreign ownership and duty exemptions available
  • Taxation benefits
  • No minimum capital requirement
  • Multi-currency bank accounts
  • No foreign currency restrictions
Holding Companies

Benefits to JAFZA Offshore Business Setup

Jebel Ali is a jurisdiction that offers offshore companies in the UAE. The area has no levy on income tax or corporate tax and allows 100% foreign ownership. The jurisdiction is located just outside of Dubai and is just an hour away from Abu Dhabi, which is the UAE’s capital city. The area is known for being the world’s largest shipping port, which allows international companies to enjoy the special privileges of the Free Zone like no corporate tax, no personal or income tax, no import or export duties, and no restriction on the currency.

Here are the requirements for a JAFZA Offshore company:

  • A minimum of one shareholder is required
  • A minimum of two directors are required
  • Every company must have a secretary
  • No minimum share capital requirements
  • Every company needs to keep accounting records for 10 years

Dubai Offshore Formation with MSZ Consultancy

Offshore business setup in Dubai can be made easy when you partner with the experts at MSZ Consultancy. We will guide you through the entire process and make sure you meet all the proper requirements. Call us today at +971 52 544 1248 to get started on forming your dream company!


We are a leading consultancy and advisory firm with over 15 years of experience in facilitating international business and corporate solutions to help entrepreneurs around the globe. We provide one-stop business solutions and services that are required for business set up in Dubai and across all seven Emirates.


We have a unique team of business setup consultants, lawyers, and PRO executives. We provide business set up consultancy services in all Free Zones, Mainland, and Offshore businesses anywhere in the UAE. We have strong relationships with government officials that will help provide a fast formation process.


We have helped thousands of entrepreneurs just like you successfully start their company from scratch. We offer everything you need for a seamless business journey. We provide the absolute best customer service because we put our clients first. We will customize our services to fit your exact needs.

Trademark Registration

It’s important to protect your work. We offer all the trademark services needed to keep your intellectual property safe. Our well-experienced and reliable team will keep your work safe from all thefts and abductions.

Local Sponsorship

If you need help finding a local sponsor, our team has connections to some of the most reliable local sponsors in the UAE. Don’t trust just anyone with your company, let us help!

PRO Services

Legal paperwork can be time-consuming. Leave it to us! We offer PRO Services to help with the tedious legal paperwork so you can focus on your business.

Bank Account Assistance

Having a bank account is a big advantage to doing business in Dubai Offshore. We can help you understand the requirements each bank has so you can choose the one that works best for your company. Then we quickly help you get an account established.

Product Registration

If you plan to import, manufacture, re-export, and distribute a large number of products, then you may need to get them registered. This includes cosmetics, food, health products, and more. MSZ Consultancy can help make product registration a quick and easy process.

Business Centers

If you need office space for your company, we can help with that too! We have Business Centers located in prime spots around Dubai.

Company Liquidation

Liquidation can be a stressful process. But not with MSZ Consultancy, because we make the process an easy one. We will make sure you follow all the proper procedures for a fast liquidation.

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