Offshore Company Setup in RAK ICC

Error-free offshore company setup in RAK ICC with the help of expert business consultants
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The United Arab Emirates is one of the most popular business destinations in the world. Entrepreneurs set their sights on the country’s Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore locations to setup their companies. Offshore businesses have become a prime location for company setup due to the privacy and complete confidentiality that comes with forming a company here.

Ras Al Khaimah International Corporate Center (RAK ICC) is one of the most popular offshore areas. It’s known for being one of the most luxurious locations for businesses. There are several benefits to business here, like full foreign ownership, tax benefits, and easy renewals. And if that wasn’t enough, a RAK Offshore company can be formed quickly, and the process is hassle-free with the help of MSZ Consultants.

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How Do I Form a RAK Offshore Company?

It only takes about a day or two to get your RAK Offshore Company registered if you have all the proper documents. Here are the standard steps you’ll have to take to get your company registered:


Get approval

Get approval for the company name and the business activities.


Submit Documents

Sign and submit the required documents to the Registrar in RAKIA.


Pay Fees

Pay the required registration and incorporation fees.


Open Bank Account

After all the documents are submitted, and the fees are paid, then you will be ready for business. You will want to create a corporate bank account in the UAE before you start operating.

Documents Required

Copies of the shareholder and directors’ passport
Recent utility bill to show proof of residence
Copy of latest entry stamp to UAE
Three company name options
Bank reference letter
Business activity

Entities for Business Setup in RAK ICC

Another important step to company setup in RAK Offshore is choosing the right corporate structure. You should choose your business entity based on your business goals.

Here are the five different entity types to choose from for your RAK ICC Offshore Company:

Company Limited by Shares

With this business type, the shareholders’ liability is limited to the amount of capital that they put into the company.

Company Limited by Guarantee

This company type can be setup to issue shares or to not authorize shares. A guarantee member can also be a shareholder. The guarantors contribute if the company liquidates in place of share capital.

Restricted Purposes Company

This company aims to serve a special purpose.

Segregated Portfolio Company

This is also known as a protected cell company. This entity allows different liabilities and assets to be separated from one another.

Unlimited Company

This company exposes its shareholders or members based on their obligations to the entity.

Corporate Structures for Company Setup in RAK Offshore

RAK Offshore is unique. With this corporation, there are two other business options you can choose to pursue:


  1. The RAK ICC Premium Product

If you are a registered RAK ICC company, then that will be your parent company. You can then establish a Mainland subsidiary. This means you’ll be able to carry out your activities on the Mainland while enjoying the benefits of an offshore company.


  1. Intellectual Property Holding Company (IPHC)

This type of company is a subsidiary, or sister company, of global corporations that are set up to hold the companies’ intellectual property like copyrights, trademarks, etc. This type of company provides protection to your assets and keeps them in one place. This structure allows you to optimize your taxation benefits.

Corporate Structures for Company Setup in RAK Offshore

The Advantages of Offshore Company Setup in RAK ICC

  • An RAK Offshore company can be 100% foreign-owned
  • Shareholder and director can be the same person
  • The incorporation process is quick
  • Simple renewal process
  • An office isn’t required
  • No audit requirements
  • No taxes
  • Easy international operations
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Asset protection
  • Multi-currency bank accounts in UAE
Corporate Structures for Company Setup in RAK Offshore

What are the Business Activities that RAK ICC Offers?

RAK is a gateway to the international market. Here’s a list to of the main business activities that are allowed for a RAK Offshore company to hold outside of the UAE.


  • General trading
  • Consulting and advisory services
  • Holding company
  • Owning property
  • Professional services
  • Shipping company
  • Ship management company
  • International business services

Company Setup in RAK ICC Offshore Made Easy with MSZ Consultancy

Are you ready to start setting up your company in RAK ICC? Well, we are ready to help you with your business journey. Offshore company setup in RAK is known for being a fairly easy process, but a simple mistake with paperwork could put a major problem in your plans. Don’t try to do it on your own, let us help! We have the resources and experience to guide you through the entire business setup procedures to quickly form your RAK Offshore Company. Don’t wait, call us today at +971 52 544 1248 for a FREE consultation!


We easily help setup your business in the UAE. We specialize in all forms of company formation in the UAE and provide the financial and legal suggestions that you need.


We have a team of business setup consultants, lawyers, and PRO executives that help with your company setup. We also have a strong relationship with government officials to help connect you with the right people for an easy setup.


We care about our clients. We provide valuable insights to our customers to help them embark on a successful business journey. We don’t just help you setup your company, but also offer you support during the life of your business.

Trademark Registration

Let us help you protect your intellectual property. We specialize in trademark registration and can easily help you protect your company that you’ve worked hard to build.

Local Sponsorship

The UAE government has made it mandatory for foreign entrepreneurs to have a local sponsor if they setup a Mainland business. This can be a challenge if you don’t know anyone. But we can help! We have access to trustworthy local sponsors.

PRO Services

MSZ Consultancy’s corporate PRO services can help with the legal procedures, government documents, and other paperwork that is involved in running a business in the UAE.

Bank Account Assistance

It’s important to have a bank account in the UAE for your business. While it’s easy to open an account, each bank has different requirements. Let us help you get your account setup without any issues.

Product Registration

All products manufactured and distributed in the UAE will have to be registered. This includes cosmetics, food, health products, and more. We can quickly help you get everything registered.

Business Centers

If you need an office or building for your business, we can help with that too! We have Business Centers located in strategic locations throughout the UAE to fit your business needs

Company Liquidation

Deciding to liquidate your company is a tough decision, but we are here to help you through it. We have a team of legal experts that will guide you through the entire process. We can help you through the name cancellation process, employee payments, and any other related legal requirements. With MSZ Consultancy, you will have an easy exit strategy for your company liquidation.

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