Automobiles repair service

With Dubai’s finest quality of life and ease of investment, a notable percentage of the population here is opting for their own means of transport, making the city a suitable location for fostering business growth through an automotive repair.

How to register an automobiles’ repair business in the city?

Both single enterprises and sole proprietors can provide automobiles’ repair services; and also establish an LLC company specialising in automotive repair. While expats choosing to register an automotive repair service business/company should have a local partner; although they can also possess complete ownership by opting to set up their business in the free zone

Types of businesses that are offered by an automobiles repair service company in Dubai:

  • Automobiles services
  • Services of motorbikes and
  • Services for large vehicles like, trucks

Not required a specific licenses’ for setting up a repair and maintenance business in Dubai. Although, the companies should obtain an approval from the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai.

While qualified entrepreneurs who are keen to up an automobiles’ service repair business can opt for public transport and taxi services’ in the city.

Get in touch with our team of consultants to know how you can establish your automobiles’ service repair business in Dubai.

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