Tourism Business in Dubai, UAE

Setting up a travel agency business in Dubai has never been easier with the help of MSZ Consultancy

Each year millions of people visit the UAE either for business or to enjoy the warm beaches, famous landmarks, and popular shopping destinations. With so many visitors to the country, it’s no surprise that tourism is a big industry in the UAE. Over the years, the country has created new initiatives and strategies to capitalize on these big business opportunities to bring investors to the area. The UAE is constantly improving infrastructure facilities, hosting events that gather worldwide attention, and investing in transportation facilities to become one of the global leaders in the tourism industry. If you’re interested in starting a business in a stable industry, keep reading to find out why tourism in the UAE is a wise business move.

Business Opportunities for Tourism Companies in the UAE

There’s a long list of businesses that have found success in the tourism industry. From accommodation to guided tours, and transportation, there are several different business opportunities for the tourism business. Here are some of the businesses that have seen a lot of growth:

  • Lodging
  • Tour guides
  • Event organization
  • Transportation
  • Shopping
  • Travel consultants

How Can I Start a Tourism Business?

Once you’re ready to start your business, you will have to go through the proper procedure and make sure you have all the required paperwork. MSZ Consultancy can help walk you through the entire process to make sure there aren’t any mistakes when you apply for a trade license for a travel agency or any other tourism business.

Here are the steps you have to go through to form your business:

  • Select the type of tourism business you will have
  • Get a tourism license from the authorities
  • Find a location for your business in the Free Zone or Mainland
  • Register the trade name
  • Pay the required fee to successfully register your business

Tourism Business Activities and Licenses in the Dubai, UAE

There are thousands of different business activities that are allowed in the UAE for tourism.

  • Selling tourism packages offline and online
  • Travel insurance
  • Car rental services
  • Travel agency
  • Tour operator
  • And more

You will have to make sure the activity that you want to do is covered in your business license.

The ministry of tourism UAE allows three different types of business licenses:

  • Inbound Tour Operator

This allows you to organize trips for visitors to the country.

  • Outbound Tour Operator

This allows you to organize trips outside of the country.

  • Travel Agent

This is a trade license that allows you to sell tours, tickets, and visit visas.

Why Invest in the Tourism Business in UAE?

The UAE offers several benefits for investors like tax-free incentives, a world-class infrastructure, a strategic location, plenty of available office space, and more. So, when you setup a tourism business in the UAE, you’re getting all those great benefits along with these:

  • Profitability

The tourism industry generates a lot of revenue and provides room for expansion.

  • Fast-paced industry

The tourism industry is constantly growing, which ensures the stability of a long-term business.

  • Government support

The UAE government has put many promotions and initiatives in place for business owners and entrepreneurs.

  • Expanding market

The tourism market is rapidly growing.

  • Constant growth

The UAE is constantly changing and growing with the ongoing improvement of the infrastructure, shopping destinations, tourist attractions, and more. So, there’s always room for growth.

Know More About the Tourism Industry in UAE

From popular landmarks to breakthroughs in the healthcare industry, there are many reasons that tourists visit the UAE each year:

  • Tourist Attractions

The UAE is known for its mesmerizing tourist attractions, including the Burj Khalifa, Sheik Zayad Mosque, Palm Jumeirah, and the Sharjah Art Museum. Not only is there a stunning historical and modern infrastructure, but there’s also plenty of dunes, valleys, and other gorgeous sights.

  • Luxury Tourism

The UAE has several luxury hotels as well as some of the most luxurious shops. Many tourists, especially from India, Russia, China, and European countries, come to the UAE to experience these first-class facilities and amenities.

  • Health Tourism

Over the years, the country has developed cutting-edge technologies in healthcare and established numerous hospitals and healthcare facilities. Because of this, people from all over the world visit the country for medical treatments.

  • Sports Tourism

The UAE is a destination for sports lovers. The Dubai World Cup attracts sports enthusiasts from around the world. But that’s not all, the Sharjah Cricket Stadium hosts some of the largest international cricket matches. Aside from horse racing and cricket, camel racing, golf, tennis, polo, rugby, martial arts, motorsports, and others are big events in the country.

  • Eco-Tourism

The country’s unique landscape is a big draw for tourists who want to take part in the natural attractions. Desert safaris, mountain climbing, camping, and other outdoor adventures are popular for adventure seekers.

  • Entertainment

There are multiple theme parks in the UAE that draw visitors from all over the world. Several exhibitions also take place on a quarterly, half-yearly, or annual basis that brings in attendees.

  • Business Travel

Because of the UAE’s superior geographical location, the country is a great place to connect eastern and western countries. This makes the country one of the leading business destinations.

Easy Company Setup in UAE with MSZ Consultancy

Are you ready to get involved in the growing tourism industry in UAE? Don’t wait, contact MSZ Consultancy today at +971 52 544 1248 for a FREE consultation. We are one of the UAE’s top business consultants with over 15 years of experience in successful company formation in all seven emirates. Let us make your company setup an easy process.


We help guide you through the entire company setup process in the UAE. We build your company from the ground up, starting with a business idea, then giving you the tools you need to become self-reliant.


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