How to start a foundation in Dubai?

If you are looking to start a foundation in Dubai then you must comply with certain necessity to start one of the available types of foundations in Dubai, mainly known as Social clubs and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

The Non-Profit Organization as the name suggests is a not for Profit institution, which is formed for a social cause. The Non-Profit organization uses its excess of its income to achieve their purpose. Usually, the foundation is operate for scientific research, religious, educational or for other charitable purposes.

Following are the types of foundations in Dubai

Dubai foundation may get one of the following statuses

• Social club
• Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
• Association

Social club

The Social club is the most spread type of non-profit organization in Dubai and also it should be registered with the Community Development Authority (CDA). Following are the two categories of social club,

• Social care facilities
• Social club event organizations

You must obtain a special license from the Community Development Authority (CDA) for each category.

Start a Non-profit Organization in Dubai

• The Non-profit Organization also can be start in Dubai Knowledge Village and International Humanitarian City Free Zone.
• The Associations can be establish only as branch registration of existing license in both of these free zones.
• The company must be minimum one year existence in Dubai and also need to submit the audited financials for obtaining the approval from the authority.

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