Living the High Life in Dubai

Dubai’s government, leaders, and citizens have put a lot of work into turning Dubai into a major, world-class destination. They’ve been incredibly successful, too. Dubai has a business-friendly clime, economy, and infrastructure in place to draw visitors, tourists, and entrepreneurs from all over the globe, and people are coming here in droves.

Both locals and foreign nationals who come here have an appreciation for the better things, too. Dubai has been referred to as the Las Vegas of the Middle East, and for a good reason. Many enjoy an opulent lifestyle in Dubai and surrounding areas of the UAE. There’s fine shopping, fine dining, cruises, and more. There’s also a significant demand for the use of luxury vehicles, and chauffeurs to drive them.

And that’s where you come in. Interested in opening your own Dubai limousine service? The business setup services experts at MSZ Consultancy can help you make that happen!

Why Establish a Limousine Business in Dubai?

The limousine business in Dubai is widely regarded as being the best in the UAE. Dubai chauffeurs are known to be competent and friendly, and are comfortable providing luxury car service to folks from around the world. And speaking of luxury cars, there are plenty of high-end vehicles available in and around Dubai.

Patrons in Dubai don’t just use professional chauffeur services as a way to get from Point A to Point B. Part of the reason for wanting to ride in a limousine, or other luxury vehicle is for the unique experience it offers. To that end, the best chauffeurs are trained on what it means to provide an exceptional customer experience, and the service provider should also provide exceptional customer service as a company. Luxury chauffeur services are utilized for everything from weddings, to parties, to special family gatherings, to corporate events, and other special VIP treatment for business leaders and government officials.

All that being said, there is an opportunity in Dubai for you as a prospective limousine service entrepreneur. And MSZ Consultancy can help you to realize that potential as a new business owner.

Requirements for Launching Your Own Limousine Business Services in Dubai

So, what does it take to get a luxury chauffeur service started in Dubai? Obviously, you’ll need to purchase a limousine or other high-end vehicle. And for each vehicle in your fleet, you’ll need to hire at least one chauffeur to drive it. Each driver may also require a special limousine license in Dubai. You’ll need to have a proper insurance policy in place, as well. So yes, there will be some required financial investment on your part, but you can easily make all of that money back many times over as a Dubai limousine business owner!

Required Documents Needed to Start

• A taxpayer identification document
• An NDA statement
• A copy of your passport
• A bank reference letter with evidence of local residence
• Business and liability insurance

Insurance Policy Requirements

There are some more specific insurance considerations to bear in mind for a specialty transportation company, as well.

• General business insurance
• Motor vehicle insurance
• Health insurance for your staff
• Payment protection insurance and workers’ compensation plan

Good Reasons for Starting Your Own Chauffeur Company in Dubai

Starting a new chauffeur company in Dubai will require some initial legwork and investment on your part, but it’s well worth the effort.

• This is a fairly simple type of business to set up.
• There’s a high rate of return on investment with a limousine business or luxury chauffeur business.
• Your earnings can start to accrue on Day One of operation.
• Once the business is up-and-running, it almost runs itself!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What exactly is a professional chauffeur service?

Essentially, it’s a service where a professional driver is hired to drive a premium passenger car, and then provide a premium customer experience for passengers.

2. Is it hard to open a luxury vehicle transportation service in Dubai?

It’s not hard at all, as long as you partner with a capable local business startup consultant in Dubai. And there’s no better partner than the pros at MSZ Consultancy!

3. What will it cost to open a Dubai chauffeur company?

That really depends upon the exact location of your business, the scale in which you plan to operate, and other pertinent factors. But no matter what it costs you to launch, you can gain all of that back and much more in Dubai.

4. Do you need to have insurance for a Dubai limousine service?

Yes, you do. Insurance isn’t optional if you wish to operate in Dubai, but it’s also a smart investment to make for the sake of your employees, and for your business.

5. Is opening a Dubai limousine company a profitable business venture?

It really is. Dubai is known as a luxury city, and if you’re willing to provide a luxury service in Dubai, you can be paid well for your efforts here.

MSZ Consultancy Can Help Make Your Dubai Business Dream a Reality

Ready to launch your own limousine or professional chauffeur business in Dubai? As long as you can identify your business focus area, determine your business budget, make a business plan, and seek any required financial support for your business, MSZ Consultancy can help you to make everything else happen.

At MSZ Consultancy, we’re local experts in company formation in Dubai, and we’re also business setup consultants who are thoroughly familiar with all the processes that are required for launching a successful company in the UAE, including limousine businesses and other professional chauffeur businesses.


Simply put, we help with business setup in Dubai, and in the rest of the UAE as well. We specialize in all forms of company formation, and provide all the financial and legal guidance you need to get your company off the ground and running successfully.


We employ a unique collection of business setup consultants, lawyers, and various PRO executives. That means we can help you with company setup, but we can do more than just that. We can also provide sound business advice, give help with legal paperwork, assist you in getting your local bank account set up, and we’re committed to help with anything else your successful business launch may require.


When it comes to MSZ Consultancy, you really won’t find a business setup company in Dubai that provides a better customer experience, or better customer service. The innovative services we provide are tailored to fit your exact needs. We’re also one of the few consulting companies in Dubai that provides valuable customer insights to help business owners and investors to launch a truly successful business venture, from startup to full operational status.

There’s no need to wait any longer! Reach out to MSZ Consultancy today, and let’s book your FREE initial consultation! You can get the conversation started by shooting us an email at, or for an even faster response, you can just give us a call at +971 52 544 1248 right now.

We’re here to make your dreams of starting a profitable business in Dubai come true, together. We’re ready and willing to help you make it happen!

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