Changes in UAE Residency Rules

Dubai, being one of the most popular emirates in the UAE, often has specific regulations related to visit visas and residency. These rules can include duration of stay, requirements for obtaining or renewing visas, and potential pathways to obtaining long-term residency or citizenship.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to expand your commercial opportunities, you’ll need to understand and comply with the ever-changing UAE residency rules. From evolving requirements to new regulations for tourist visas, there is an abundance of information to process.

In this blog, we’ll explore these new UAE Visa rules and give you all the information you need to make the most of your new entrepreneurial endeavors.

An Overview of the New UAE Visa Rules 2023

Whether you’re planning a visit or considering long-term residency, here are some key changes you should be aware of:

Validity of Freezone Visas Modified

One of the notable changes in the UAE residency rules in 2023 is the modification of the validity of Freezone visas. Free zones are specific areas within the UAE that offer various incentives to businesses and investors. The new rules may impact the duration and renewability of visas issued within these zones, so staying informed is essential if you’re planning to establish or work for a company in a free zone.

Visa Fees Increase

In 2023, you may notice an increase in visa fees. The UAE government has adjusted visa fees for various categories. These changes are part of the government’s efforts to diversify revenue sources and enhance economic stability. Be sure to check the latest fee structures to budget accordingly for your visa application.

Emirates ID Replaces Visa Stamps on Passports

The UAE is moving towards modernization by replacing traditional passport visa stamps with Emirates ID cards. This transition aims to streamline processes and enhance security. If you’re a resident or planning to become one, ensure that you have the necessary Emirates ID and stay updated on the rollout of this new system.

Visa-On-Arrival Policies Have Changed

If you’re accustomed to visa-on-arrival arrangements when visiting the UAE, it’s crucial to understand that these policies may have undergone adjustments in 2023. Check the latest requirements and eligibility criteria before your trip to avoid any inconvenience at the border.

New Visa-Free Destinations

While there may be changes to visa policies, the UAE continues to expand its list of visa-free destinations for its citizens. This is great news for UAE passport holders, as it opens up more travel opportunities without the need for visas. If you’re a UAE citizen, explore the latest additions to the list of visa-free countries.

Smart Ways to Apply for a Visa

Navigating the UAE’s visa rules in 2023 can be a smoother process if you leverage smart tools and resources. Utilize official government websites and authorized visa application centers for accurate information and assistance. Additionally, consider consulting with immigration experts who can provide expert guidance tailored to your specific situation.

An In-Depth Look at New UAE Residency Rules 2023

In 2022, the UAE authorities enacted a new visa system that aimed to make obtaining residency in the nation easier for ex-pats. These changes, implemented by the Federal Authority for Identity, Port Security, and Customs, aim to increase the cost of 30-day and 60-day tourist visas to AED 100.

Additionally, these changes include increased flexibility for UAE visa extensions, new residency categories for investors and skilled professionals, and enhanced transparency that makes it easier for individuals to make informed decisions about their residency in the UAE.

Changes for the UAE 5-Year Visa

The recent sweeping changes for UAE visas are also affecting longer-term visa owners in a positive way, offering extra flexibility, simplified processing, and additional benefits such as a 6-month grace period once your visa has expired. These changes are expected to affect:

Skilled Workers

The UAE’s 5-year visa program has become more accessible to skilled workers from various fields. Previously, this category primarily targeted high-income professionals, but now it extends to a broader range of skilled individuals. This change opens up avenues for engineers, healthcare professionals, educators, and other skilled workers to secure long-term residency in the UAE, fostering stability and career growth.

Freelancers and Self-Employed Individuals

One of the most exciting changes is the inclusion of freelancers and self-employed individuals in the 5-year visa program. Freelancers across creative, tech, and consulting industries and entrepreneurs can now apply for this visa. This update recognizes the growing gig economy and encourages talented freelancers to contribute to the UAE’s vibrant business landscape.

Investors and Partners

Investors have long been a focus of the UAE’s visa initiatives, but now there are even more opportunities. The 5-year visa program offers investors and their partners a pathway to long-term residency. Whether you’re establishing a new business, expanding an existing one, or making substantial investments in the UAE, these changes provide enhanced security and stability.

Children of Emirati Mothers

Another significant development is the inclusion of children born to Emirati mothers under the 5-year visa program. This change ensures that such children have access to the same privileges and benefits as those born to Emirati fathers. It’s a significant step toward greater inclusivity and equality for all citizens and residents.

Entry Visa Types in 2023

The UAE has introduced a series of new entry visas that do not require a national sponsor and provide a flexible framework for a wide range of individuals. Let’s look at a few of these visa types:

Job Exploration Visa

New to the UAE’s visa landscape is the Job Exploration Visa. Aimed at job seekers and those seeking employment opportunities, this visa allows individuals to explore job prospects in the UAE for a designated period. It offers a unique chance to network, attend interviews, and understand the job market before fully committing.

The Business Entry Visa

For entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts, the Business Entry Visa offers an exciting opportunity to streamline the process of starting a business, attracting more investors, and promoting economic growth.

The Multi-Entry Tourist Visa

Tourism remains a vital sector in the UAE, and the introduction of the Multi-Entry Tourist Visa underscores the country’s commitment to welcoming travelers. This visa type allows tourists to enter and exit the UAE multiple times within a specified period, making it more convenient for those who wish to explore the country thoroughly.

The Family Visa

The UAE recognizes the importance of family unity, and the Family Visa has changed to accommodate various family structures. This visa category facilitates the reunification of families and is more inclusive of different family members, fostering stronger bonds within the community.

Friends and Relatives Visa

Visiting friends and families in the UAE has become more accessible with the Friends and Relatives Visa. This category is designed for individuals who want to spend time with their loved ones in the UAE and simplifies the process of obtaining a visa for such visits.

Entry Permits

Entry Permits have been updated to cater to various needs, including short-term visits, business meetings, and specialized events. The government has streamlined the application process to make it more efficient and user-friendly.

Residence Permit

The UAE’s Residence Permit, a coveted status for many expatriates, has seen updates to make it more accessible to long-term residents, skilled professionals, and investors. These changes offer greater stability and security for those who choose to make the UAE their home.

UAE Entry Permit Extension

Along with the recent changes to the UAE visa rules, UAE entry permits will be eligible for up to a 90-day extension based on the purpose of the visit. These extension changes include:

• A 48-hour permit extension for eligible applications. This extension can be found through the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customz, and Ports Security via their online portal.
• Healthcare entry permits may be extended up to 90 days for AED 500
• Study permits are extended for up to 90 Days for AED 600
• Entry permits for those accompanying GCC citizens are extended for up to 60 days at a rate of AED 250.
• Entry permits will be determined based on a visitor’s purpose and at the discretion of the approving body and may not extend beyond one year.

Visit Visa Extension Rules 2023

In addition to a multitude of other changes, the UAE has also updated the rules surrounding Dubai visit visa 2023 and what happens during overstay. For example, foreign nationals who have exceeded their visa limits may not depart without securing an outpass or exit permit.

Visitors who overstay will be required to pay a fine of AED 50 for every day beyond their limit. However, visit visa holders are granted a grace period of 10 days beyond expiration, and visitors who are unable to exit the country due to unforeseen circumstances, such as flight cancellations or airport closures.

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