As the world around us continues to evolve, more and more entrepreneurs are forging new and clever business solutions that will pave the way for the world of tomorrow. Behind the many inspiring success stories lies important steps that business owners use to get started.

The following business formation fundamentals will help you form, build and run your business smoothly:

1. Generation Business Idea

This step might seem like a no-brainer for many, but the process of transforming your business from a dream into a reality can be challenging. It requires ample market and product research, extensive brainstorming, and developing a comprehensive outline of your business proposition.

2. Write a Business Plan

Once your idea is locked in, it’s time to plan a good marketing strategy. This step will define the entirety of your business enterprise, including your budget, projected revenue and overhead, values, offerings, products, customer service standards, and more.

3. Develop Financing Options

An important aspect of your business plan will be to lay out your financing options. Here, you’ll develop a comprehensive list of all the financing sources you’ll need. If you find that your initial startup capital is insufficient, you may want to search for ways to finance your project via banks, financing institutions, partnerships, and other resources.

4. Create a Marketing Strategy

From here, you will want to begin developing an advertising and marketing plan. While investing significant funds may not be necessary, having a good marketing concept will help. You’ll want to define your target audience. Who are they? What’s their gender, age, and education level? Having a comprehensive grasp of those interested in your product will ensure that your business will have the highest chance of success.

5. Decide on a Legal Form

An essential part of forming a business is coming up with the legal form. This will determine how your business will handle assets, profits, losses, and other vital aspects of your day-to-day enterprise. Some legal forms include Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Sole Proprietorships, Civil Companies, Private Shareholder Companies, and more.

6. Choose Your Business Name

The first official step in your business setup will be to choose a trade name. This name will need to be approved by the Department of Economic Development (DED) and may not be previously selected by another company.

7. Gather All Necessary Paperwork

The business formation process will require you to carefully gather and submit the necessary paperwork and documentation. Some of these documents include:

• Passport copies
• Sponsorship agreements
• Memorandum of Association
• Incorporation certificates
• Proof of UAE residency

8. Secure a Business Location

Choosing the right area for your business is one of the most critical parts of the business formation process. Not all locations are created equal! Your location will define your company’s customer reach, popularity, and more.

Depending on your chosen business activity, you’ll are many locations to choose from, including numerous Dubai Free Zones, Mainland incorporation, and Offshore business formations.

9. Obtain a Business License

If you choose to set up shop in Mainland Dubai, you will need to secure a commercial enterprise license from the DED.

However, for Free Zone applications, you will need to submit your information through the particular Free Zone Authority that covers your jurisdiction.

10. Set Up Tax Records

If you’ve ever formed a business, you know full-well to keep abundant tax and expense records. Having an experienced accountant is or business consultancy is a fantastic way to manage your business records. However, if you choose to handle your record keeping on your own, you can always use programs like Quicken, QuickBooks, and others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a foreigner start a business in Dubai?

Yes! Foreign investors are able to start a business in Dubai. With a population that consists of over 80% expatriates, Dubai actively welcomes investors regardless of nation of origin.

2. Is it easy to form a business in Dubai?

The company formation process is designed to be easy. However, if you’re not familiar with the process, it could still seem confusing. However, the DED has developed numerous resources to help you through the application procedure.

3. What are the main options for business setup in the UAE?

There are several choices available to you, including:

UAE Mainland
UAE Free Zones
UAE Offshore

4. How long does it take to form a company in the UAE?

The registration process for your company is intricate and can take anywhere from a week to three to complete.

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