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Business Set up in the UAE’s Education Sector

The education sector of the UAE is a progressive, mature market that regularly draws students, instructors, investors, and businesses from around the world. In fact, it has quickly risen to become one of the most popular markets in the nation, with countless nationals and international students alike seeking opportunities in higher education.

The UAE prides itself on being one of the most competitive countries in the middle east in terms of education. The enrollment rate has been steadily rising by 4% each year, and if enrollment trends continue, more than 150,000 new students will have enrolled between 2016 and 2021.

Business Set up in the UAE’s Education Sector

Facts About UAE’s Education Industry

The Emirates government has long emphasized investing in education, with many of its yearly expenditures dedicated to promoting and enriching the sector. Their primary focus lies in promoting innovation while enhancing standards in literacy and professionalism.

Dubai is home to a particular area known as the Dubai Knowledge Village or Academic City, a sector dedicated to housing most international universities. Students studying in these schools can attain degrees and qualifications from the country where the university was initially founded.

Many international students are driven to attend schools in the UAE due to their high academic standards.

Each university typically requires a secondary school certificate, a TOEFL or IELTS certificate, a motivation letter, and references. These admission requirements and fees can be found on that university’s official website.

Documents Required

You're probably wondering exactly what documents will be required to formally apply for a professional business license for your education company. Below, we've listed some of the essential documents you'll want to have handy when applying.
Copies of passports with photographs for investors
A properly completed application form for one of Dubai’s free zones
Tenancy Contracts and Office plan approvals
Approval letter from KHDA
Shareholder certificates and Memorandum of Association
Appropriate fees for securing your UAE educational training license.

Setting-up an Educational Business in the UAE

With education being a fundamental priority to UAE’s goals, there has never been a better time to set up a business in the education sector. The government has helped many companies enter the education sector. Starting with a strategic plan for 2021, they hope to focus on students’ learning abilities while pushing the envelope with advanced education techniques. But where does one begin when aiming to enter the education business market? We’ve compiled a few steps to help you get started.

1. Choose your location and type of education

Before doing anything else, you’ll need a firm grasp of where and what you’ll be teaching. There are many varying sectors in UAE’s education industry, and by researching a pre-approved activity list, you can determine the best location and market for your new business.

2. Decide on a company name

This one is a must for any business, regardless of which market you hope to enter! People remember company names! The UAE has fairly strict naming standards, so you’ll want to choose your operating name very carefully. Using offensive language or imitating already established businesses will be hastily rejected. But once you’ve finalized a name, you can proceed with the registration of your business with the relevant governing bodies.

3. Apply for an Education Permit

The application for an education permit is straightforward, but you will want to take particular caution to fill out the form appropriately to avoid rejections. Once this form has been filled, it can be used to quickly gain approval from various industry authorities.

4. Submit Documentation

Your application will need to be accompanied by several required documents. These documents include your name approval, curriculum vitae, shareholder passports, a registration plan, a course list, and a qualification certificate.

5. Submit the Application

You’re almost there! The final step in the process will be to submit your application form online via the KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) e-services portal, taking special note to pay all required fees for your submission.

6. Learn about UAE’s Education Authority

The main governing body for the education sector lies in the KHDA, which ensures ongoing educational excellence in the region. Dubai launched this authority to maintain education standards while providing diverse academic standards for all residents of the UAE.

Depending on the type of business and location of your company, submit all the required documents to the Department of Economic Development and the Commercial Registration Department, and pay the license fee. To start any business in Dubai, you can contact the business setup service provider in Dubai who offers the best services to set up any type of business and company across the UAE. 
To setup a business in Dubai experience and expertise are required. In order to make the procedure easy and quick, the trade-friendly government has made some easy steps to start a business in Dubai. With the needed paperwork and the essential approvals from the government, you can smoothly start your business in Dubai.

Setting-up an Educational Business in the UAE

Exploring Business Opportunities in the UAE’s Education Sector

With the education business in Dubai being such a competitive industry, it can be challenging to decide exactly what part of the education sector will provide the most profits. The market in Dubai is relatively consolidated, with nearly 25% of the public institutions being owned by a single entity, the GEMS Education company. However, the private sector still holds many opportunities as there remains a great need for high-quality institutions and schools that cater to local customs such as Arabic and religious studies.

Benefits of Starting an Education Business in Dubai

There are many reasons starting a business in the education sector in the UAE can benefit your company and the region. With an ever-increasing influx of students, the need for higher education will only grow throughout the years. But beyond the growing demand for educators, there are a few more select benefits to starting an education-based business in Dubai:

1. A better business environment

The growing need for educators will only serve as job security for your business, ensuring that it will continue to provide service while remaining profitable for years to come.

2. Simplified Business Setup Processes

The regulatory bodies present in the UAE serve to streamline the processes for investments and business operations in the education sector. The ministry of education has introduced a legislature for developing a teaching licensing system to ensure a high operating standard for all institutions in the country.

3. Increasing Percentage of Expatriate Families

The UAE has one of the highest percentages of immigrants in the world per capita. In fact, over 200 different nationalities make up nearly 85% of the nation’s population.

4. Strategic geographic location

In addition to numerous business incentives, the literal geographic location plays a massive part in making the UAE one of the world’s largest business markets. Additionally, the county is strategically located for easy travel to almost any nation in the east, including Asia and European nations.

5. Government Intervention

Knowing that the oil and gas sectors only provide so much revenue, the UAE government has transitioned to investing in other business industries. With broad strides in incentivizing businesses, the Emirates places a huge focus on developing the education sector in the region.

6. 100% foreign ownership on the mainland as well as in the free zones

Along with the education sector, the UAE has developed a broad strategy to invite new businesses to the region. With financial incentives, lenient visa processes, and the ability to outright own all of your business profits, the Emirates have quickly grown to become a bastion of business in the modern world.

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