For this generation of adults, social media is an inseparable part of our lives. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others are now not only a source of entertainment but a potential source of income. For many internet-savvy individuals, social networking is a convenient, cost-effective way to advertise a company, product, or brand. Social media influencers use these platforms to display and promote their talents or creativity in slick and informative ways. But how does one exactly become a “social media influencer?”

The first part of our journey will require you to secure a Dubai influencer license. The media licensing department issues these permits for any entity that engages in media activities, including the production, communication, distribution, and transmission of printed, digital, audio, or visual information through various forms of media.

While social media influencers often make their money by promoting other companies’ products, they’ll still need to secure their own business license to do so. It is illegal to earn money from social media promotions without such credentials. As such, influencers must be aware of the proper procedures for acquiring a social media influencer license in Dubai or the UAE.

Citizens worldwide are flocking to digital channels to acquire and share knowledge. Business sectors like journalism, entertainment, and even banking have heavily invested in shifting their services to digital platforms. Many individuals aspire for social media fame in this age of content creation, distribution, and consumption. And with more than 90% of the world’s population owning a smartphone, sharing, creating, consuming, and promoting material has never been more accessible. But first, you’ll need to know the steps to secure a social media influencer license.

Who Can Apply for an Influencer Permit?

In general, content-creating companies should seek approval from the UAE’s National Media Council (NMC), which oversees the country’s media policies. The media license granted by the NMC is part of a larger initiative called the Electronic Media System (EMS). All individuals, organizations, or businesses that receive money from social media influencer activity are required by the EMS to obtain permits from the NMC. Bloggers or “vloggers” (video bloggers) who receive only free gifts or goods in exchange for promoting their social media accounts do not need to obtain an influencer license.

There are three different ways to obtain a social media influencer license in the UAE. These include:

1. License for an Individual Influencer

In the UAE, anyone can apply for a media license and work as an independent influencer. After obtaining the influencer permit, they must also obtain a separate trade license. Individuals should seek the help of MSZ Consultancy, a business setup company in Dubai, to obtain a trade license. An influencer license costs about AED 15,000.

2. An Influencer License for a Company

A small group of influencers may form a partnership and apply to the NMC for a partnership license. Before applying for a media license, the influencer community will form a company in accordance with Dubai’s business setup regulations. Influencers should ensure that they have registered their business in Dubai and obtained a license from the appropriate licensing authority (free zone or DED). This will cost the same as around 15,000 AED.

3. Media License Made Through Influencer Agencies

If starting a business in Dubai isn’t for you, there’s always the option of signing up with one of the official influencer agencies. In the UAE, there are countless NMC-approved influencer agencies with aggregated licenses. To continue working as an influencer in the UAE, the influencer must be exclusively registered with the organization.

The Advantages of Securing an Influencer License in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

There are many reasons that acquiring an influencer license is a fantastic way to engage and network with companies to advertise their products. But let’s take a deeper look at some of the biggest advantages of having this license type:

1. Authenticated Data

Government control of this industry can ensure that content created is reliable, factual, and enlightening to its viewers. This can help prevent the spread of misinformation by holding social media influencers accountable for the products and platforms they promote.

2. Safety and Support

Before a company can sign an influencer, it must have the appropriate license. Individual personalities can rely on their direct agency for branding and advertising support.

3. A Good Income Source

As an influencer, you’ll have the potential to earn a lot of money. Followers are likely to enjoy your work and support your endeavors. However, it’s essential to be authentic if you expect to garner widespread support. The internet can spot an imposter from a mile away!

4. Being an Influencer is Enjoyable

While requiring hard work, dedication, and effort, this career offers tons of perks, including trips, merchandise, and more.

Secure Your Influencer License Permit with MSZ Consultancy

Many social media influencers know that handling the day-to-day responsibilities of the job can be taxing, even without all the rules and regulations that come with it. That’s precisely why influencers choose third-party consultation experts like MSZ Consultancy to help them navigate the ins and outs of business in Dubai. From social media licensing to visa applications and more, MSZ has the expertise to help your brand succeed.

They’re trained to assist businesses with business licensing, visa applications, PRO services, general consultations, and much more. Are you forming a business in one of Dubai’s many Free Zones? Or are you planning to create an offshore company? No matter what business avenue you choose, we’re the ones to call.

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