Setup a pharmacy in Dubai

Owners of pharmacies must apply for an authorization letter from the ‘Health Regulation Department’ in order to get a license from the ‘Ministry Of Health’.

The Health Authority promotes healthcare investments for foreign investors in Dubai and also provides a comprehensive regulatory system for those setting up pharmacies or other types of health facilities in the Emirate.

Important codes and certificates

1. Activity Code: 513967
2. Activity Group: Medicines trading
3. License Type: Commercial (L.L.C)
4. Activity Description: To sell and prepare registered drugs, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and also dispense herbal and medical drugs against medical prescription, according to the laws and regulations issued by competent authority of UAE. It is administered by a licensed pharmacist who works permanently in the pharmacy.

Required personnel on-board

1. The workforce can be trained by the responsible pharmacist himself
2. It is mandatory to have a responsible certified pharmacist. This manager should be a certified specialist by the health authority.
3. The number of employees will depend on the structure of the pharmacy.
4. To maximize your profits is to offer manipulation services, provide medicines for nursing homes, hospitals, cancer treatment institutions and so on.

Following are the required documents to Setup a Pharmacy in Dubai

• An application form and also operating permit
• Passport copy of the owner,
• Tenancy contract and also blueprints of the location,
• Location license copy issued by the municipality,
• A preliminary approval for the premises,
• Authenticated architectural planning issued by an architect or by other experts in Dubai,
• Copy of the pharmaceutical license issued by the Dubai trade registrar
• List of employees and also their certifications

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