Non Permitted Business Activity in UAE

UAE ensures zero-tolerance policy under Federal Law No. 14 of 1995 that criminalizes manufacturing, buying, selling, possessing, storing of the following related substances.

Following are activities restricted in UAE; however, to carry out any of these, special permission and license are required from approved authorities.

  1. Betting or Gambling – Betting shops and related-businesses are not allowed! And any gambling-related business activities in Dubai are completely termed as illegal.
  2. Pork and Alcohol – Although, pork items and Alcoholic products are available in the market. But, the production of these products, selling and promotions have restrictions that must be followed to have a business set up in Dubai and UAE
  3. Pornography & Prostitution – This is Considered as an illegal business activity in most countries around the world, UAE also takes strict actions on conception, distribution and promotion of pornographic and prostitution.
  4. Narcotic and Psychotropic Drugs – UAE is a consigner to several international conventions on narcotic and psychotropic substances which involve applying internationally valid control measures; to ensure that such substances are not freely available.
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