Procedure for Business Setup in Abu Dhabi

Following are the steps to be pursued for setting up a company:

  1. Decide the Type of Economic Activities

It acts to get a clear understanding of your proposed business activity before starting the procedures, since lawful procedures and also charge may differ depending upon the character of your business.

  1. Locate a Local Sponsor

According to UAE jurisdiction, foreign companies need a local guarantor to open a branch office in Abu Dhabi. Therefore, a local guarantor will facilitate the essential licenses for the branch office.

  1. Decide the Legal Form of Business

Laws as well as guidelines are different for various proprietorship types plus business foundations. Choose a lawful element type to maintain your business.

  1. Register the Trade Name

A trade name analyzes a company also defines its nature as well as the authoritative document. We help our customers in not just setting up a business in Abu Dhabi yet in addition in enrolling a trade name from the list of enlisted trade names given by the Department of Economic Development (DED).

  1. Fill Licensing Requirements

Different kinds of licenses issued by the Abu Dhabi permitting expert are:

  • Agricultural License
  • Commercial License
  • Crafts License
  • Industrial License
  • Professional License
  • Also Tourism License
  1. Get Approvals of concerned authorities

  • It requires a foreign investor to get approvals from the following authorities:
  • Abu Dhabi Custom/Distribution Company/Education Council (ADEC)/Food Control Authority
  • Central Bank of the UAE
  • Medical Council Of Abu Dhabi
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Department of Health
  • Ministry of Civil Aviation
  • Ministry of Economy
  • Supreme Petroleum Council
  • And also Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)
  1. Get the Initial Approval

An authorization from the – Abu Dhabi (GDRFA) is required for international investors before preparing the initial authorization. It relies upon an initial authorization certificate to proceed with the business licensing formalities that grant foreign nationals to rehearse their ideal business activity in Abu Dhabi.

We MSZ Consultancy help our customers get all the required endorsements from the concerned authorities and also help them pay legitimate the fee for getting a business license issued. For further information, email us at

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