Product registration ensures the protection of a product from counterfeits or from using the product’s name to trade fraudulent products in the market.

How does product registration help?

  1. Product registration permits free trade of the registered product in and outside UAE market
  2. Allows import and export or re-export of the product
  3. Assures brand protection
  4. Guarantees product’s authenticity

Guidelines for Cosmetic Product Registration in the region

  1. Only a UAE-based company is allowed to register with the Dubai Municipality and is free to involve in cosmetic  business
  2. Company Registration – the company can be registered in one of the two ways, have a business consultant register the company in no time or a company’s representative can register each of their products which involves extensive paperwork, subsequently,  a company can apply for product labeling assessment post its registration, samples of every product shall be submitted as per CPSS (consumer product safety service) with relevant company information. After a successful evaluation, a cosmetic label assessment report is produced by the CPSS bearing product descriptions, details and additional remarks, if required to modify the product
  3. Product Labeling – after consumer product safety service evaluation,  products are labelled with all information about the product like possible bodily reactions and/or allergies that may be elicited by ingredients of the product

What are the necessary documents to prove the company’s existence and legality in the market?

  1. Certificate of Free Sale (CFS) – this certificate recognizes that the cosmetic product can be freely (without restriction) sold in the region; the CFS is issued by the health authorities or other similar authorities from the country of origin
  2. Analysis Report – a detailed report of the product is produced by the manufacturing company mentioning the used ingredients; and physical and chemical composition of the product.
  3. Ingredient Report/Laboratory test report – the ingredient report or laboratory test report indicates presence and levels of heavy metals if any.

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