What Asset Management Companies Do

Thinking about setting up your own asset management company in Dubai? Now is a great time to do so, and there’s plenty of opportunity when it comes to the asset management field in Dubai and the greater UAE. But first, let’s come to a common understanding of what asset management is.

An asset management company (or AMC) helps investors who want to set up some particular investment funds. Even if an investor already has a good sense of which investment instruments they want to pursue, enlisting the support of an asset management expert is a smart move. Asset management firms typically pool and invest funds from investors into various assets like stocks, equities, real estate, bonds, etc. Many asset management companies will also manage things like pension plans, mutual funds, hedge funds, and other types of pooled investment structures.

And an asset management company in Dubai should be well-poised to engage with both local and foreign investors alike. Since Dubai has become a world-class business and economic center, there’s plenty of demand for helping both local and foreign-owned businesses to invest their assets for maximum ROI. Keep reading to gain more insights from your friends at MSZ Consultancy!

Some Good Reasons for a Business to Partner with an Asset Management Company

Since we mentioned the demand for asset management above, let’s look closer at why a business, organization, or entrepreneurship would be attracted to an asset management firm in the first place. There are many advantages from the perspective of a key business leader or stakeholder:

• A professional asset management group knows how to improve the health and longevity of your company’s assets.
• Allowing an asset management company to handle your investments for you can require less capital and operating costs than hiring a team to do it in-house.
• There’s often less liability for a company who chooses to partner with an asset management firm, rather than handling their investment plans themselves.
• A locally-based asset management company should be fluent in all local, regional, and national regulations, so they can help you steer clear of any potential legal issues or other problems.
• Partnering with a trusted asset management company creates more confidence among your employees, and also serves to enhance the general reputation of your organization.

Why Should You Set Up an Asset Management Company in Dubai?

A lot of it really comes down to location. Dubai and the UAE, in general, are widely recognized as world-class destinations, not just for visitors, but for businesses as well. And because so many businesses, entrepreneurs, and foreign investors are putting down roots in Dubai, it also makes sense for you to seize the opportunity to consider a company setup in Dubai. All businesses need financial investment advice and guidance, and there are plenty of businesses in and around Dubai that could benefit from the services you have to offer as an asset management professional.

Existing business structures in Dubai are already familiar with the concept of professional asset management. In other words, you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time educating prospective customers and clients about why asset management services are valuable. However, if you’re a foreign national who’s interested in setting up a company in Dubai, you would benefit by connecting with a local pro at MSZ Consultancy about how to register an asset management company in Dubai. But more on that later!

Consider the Popular Family Office Approach, Too

A more novel approach to wealth management has been gaining traction in and around the UAE in recent years, as well: the Family Office. Family Offices are known to specialize in managing money for the benefit of future generations. A Family Office is a consulting company that offers specific approaches for managing an individual’s or a family’s accumulated wealth for the long term. This sort of professional organization is typically created to help manage assets for both the good and the protection of a family and its generations to come. There are currently two main categories under which a Family Office might fall:

1. Single Family Office, or SFO

A single-family office is designed to prioritize the asset management of a single family that’s accumulated a fair bit of wealth over time. The SFO comes alongside to manage things like payroll, property management, legal considerations for finances, ongoing bookkeeping needs, etc.

2. Multi-Family Office, or MFO

A multi-family office takes a broader approach. The MFO is intended to help two or more families to manage their collective wealth and assets by offering both specialized solutions and prompt responsiveness.

Why should you consider incorporating a Family Office in Dubai? Here are some specific benefits:

• Better long-term management of the finances of a single-family or multiple combined families.
• Provides support for individual or collective family clients and helps to track daily family costs.
• Offers a greater level of privacy and confidentiality for families in regard to their respective asset resources.
• Families appreciate having an individual manager assigned to handle their respective wealth, asset, and investment concerns.

Start by Creating a Good Investment Portfolio

Your experience as a seasoned investment fund manager is crucial to the success of your asset management company. If you’re looking to launch in Dubai, you would be wise to begin by implementing your wisdom and tactics to create a healthy investment portfolio for your prospective clients to consider. The foundation of a diversified portfolio should include elements like insights about capital markets, risk analysis, financial security, various investment options, and things of this nature. Most capable financial experts are able to manage many sorts of fund types, including mutual funds, index funds, exchange-traded funds, and more. If that’s you, then we’re happy to come alongside to help you get your company set up and launched in Dubai and/or elsewhere in the UAE!

How MSZ Consultancy Can Help You Set Up Your Own Asset Management Company in Dubai

We hope you’ve found these many tips and nuggets about launching an asset management company in Dubai to be helpful. But, we recognize that you may still have some questions about what it takes to start your own Dubai asset management company. Ready to get serious about founding an asset management firm in the UAE? Then let us offer you another solid piece of advice – you really don’t want to try and tackle a foreign-owned business setup process in the UAE by yourself!

Our experts at MSZ Consultancy can help you to make it all happen! It would be our honor to partner with you and guide you through all the necessary steps when it comes to navigating the Dubai business setup process. We’re based right here in Dubai, and we know all the ins and outs when it comes to an understanding and fast-tracking the entire business formation process in the UAE. We can also help you to avoid any needless problems or hiccups throughout the process, as well!

Reach out today to book your FREE consultation with one of our local experts! You can call us direct at +971 52 544 1248, or you can also get the conversation started by shooting us an email at info@mszconsultancy.com.

There’s honestly no need to wait any longer; we can get started on making your dreams of starting an asset management business in the UAE a reality today. Our team is standing by, and we’re ready to assist!

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