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One of the essential aspects of setting up a business in the UAE is the Trademark Registration in Dubai. Any business owner who has worked extremely hard to build a brand would be affected adversely if someone tries to imitate his brand and claims it. In such a situation intellectual property rights come into action and protect such business owners from adverse imitation. Trademark registration is hence an important asset that creates more revenue for the business and brand recognition

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We understand the importance of protecting one’s intellectual properties and therefore our skilled, well-experienced and reliable team confirms that when you come to us, your work is safe from all thefts and abductions!

Procedure for trademark registration

The trademark registration process can be initiated by filing an application accompanied by a fee of Dirhams 500 to the Trademark Section of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce.

Relevant documents are required in the process of trademark registration along with fifteen identical labels of the mark. The application can be filed by the seeker if he has a UAE address or by his authorized Agent in UAE who holds a notarized Power of Attorney.

Once the application is reviewed, the ministry issues an examination report to proceed further. A specific time is given by the authority to respond in return of the application.  Any requirements mentioned in the Ministry’s report must be accepted by the applicant, or otherwise appealed to the Trademarks Committee of the Ministry. The Committee’s decision is further subject to appeal in a Civil Court.

Upon completion of this initial process, trademark applications which have been preliminarily approved for registration by the Ministry need to be published in the UAE Trademark Bulletin which costs AED 500. Then trademark needs to be published in two Arabic newspapers circulated in UAE.

In case of any dispute by the third party,  a written opposition to the Ministry concerning the registration of the mark can be submitted within a period 30 days. Authority then decides whether to accept or reject the application. This decision may be appealed to the Trademarks’ Committee of the Ministry,  followed by competent courts.

If the mark is accepted, the Trademark Registrar should, according to the Law, notify and provide details concerning the mark to the Federal and Local Emirate Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

A Trademark Registration Certificate is then issued to the applicant.

The complete registration process starting from the filing of an application to the issuance of certificate may take approximately 6 months.

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