To start a driving school business in Dubai the entrepreneur needs to first obtain the license from the necessary authorities. You must also learn about the importance of a driver’s license, identify the competition, and advertise your business. Certain rules and regulations need to be followed for business setup in Dubai, below are the requirements.

Procedure for opening a driving school in Dubai

  • Licensing

The license for starting a driving school in Dubai varies. However, the authority responsible is the State Department of Motor Vehicles, Dubai; where you will be required to complete the documentation process and pay the necessary fees.

  • Inspection

The authority supervises the school for quality assurance and verifies the same to provide you with the driver’s license for business setup in Dubai. After verification, the license will be issued to the company.

  • State drivers license

Along with the company’s driving license, your driving instructors should also be licensed include the following items:

  • Occupational license application
  • Health report of the doctor
  • The written test of a driving school instructor
  • Certificate of completion of the course
  • Application cost

Cost of opening a driving school

The initial expense for this type of business setup is large as it includes a varied number of things such as website design, certification, and drivers license costs. Further expenses include school and vehicle maintenance.

Here’s why you should start your business in Dubai

  • Profit oriented destination

Dubai is one of the top global centers in the world and has world-class infrastructure, financial sector development, easy business setup, and liberal government policies. It has low taxation for new companies and startups, with a solid political landscape.

  • Tax exemptions

One of the major benefits of starting a company in Dubai is no taxes or zero taxation policies. If you set up your business in one of the Free Zones in Dubai then it offers 100% tax exemptions.

  • Strategic location

Dubai is strategically located between Asia, Africa, and Europe. It is one of the major business hubs with a significant location for business opportunities. Setting up a business in Dubai has its perks as it also conducts various business exhibitions where investors from in and around the world come together to present their business ideas. 

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