Starting any type of business is a challenge in itself, but getting a new business off the ground in a foreign country adds another set of unique logistical challenges. Are you interested in launching your own consulting business in the UAE? If so, that’s a challenge worth taking! Let’s learn more about what a consultancy business is, what that might look like in Dubai, and how you can launch your own startup successfully.

What Does Consulting Business Actually Mean?

Consulting business is a general term used to describe a professional agency which provides business knowledge, wisdom, and counsel for aspiring entrepreneurs, business leaders, and enterprises. Business consultancies operate in practically every industry and every area of business you can think of, including marketing, sales, technology, retail, commercial, legal, financial, and more. While there are already some consulting firms operating in Dubai and the UAE, there’s still lots of opportunities for specialized freelancers to step into the consulting market and make their own unique contributions. In Dubai, in particular, consultants are held in high esteem for their ability to specialize within a particular field (or fields) of domain. If you’ve got a special business niche area in which you’re an expert – like HR, technology, business strategies, etc. – there’s demand for what you can bring to the table to help Dubai businesses and UAE businesses to ideate, evolve, progress, and grow. Many business leaders know they need a little extra guidance and help, but aren’t willing or able to put such an individual on their permanent payroll. And that’s where a consultancy business like yours has a great opportunity to step in and help meet a need. Moreover, if you like the idea of being the boss of your own consulting agency, that’s something MSZ Consultancy can definitely help you to get off the ground in Dubai; we’ve been there and done that ourselves!  

What Does a Consulting Firm Do?

A consulting business in Dubai provides guidance to companies by offering effective feedback and helpful strategies for achieving improved productivity, greater diversification, better lead conversion practices, and the ability to meet other desired business metrics and goals. Some of the fields in which a consulting firm may specialize include Marketing, Branding, Advertising, Technology, Lean Business Processes (e.g. Six Sigma), etc. Consultants are recruited and appointed by business leaders to provide professional advice which is specifically tailored to help meet the needs of the organization. Consultants also play a crucial role when it comes to guiding entrepreneurs and business startup leaders to get their enterprise off the ground, especially for freshers who are new to a particular field, geographical or cultural region, or both. These business aspirants really benefit from the one-to-one attention and guidance a professional consultant can offer, including serving as a navigational guide for helping the business to obtain their business license in Dubai.

Types of Consulting Services Found in Dubai

• Business Startup Consulting
• Strategy Building and Management
• Information Technology
• Human Resources and Project Management
• Operations Improvement
• Marketing, Advertising, & Sales
• Petrochemical Consultancy
• Tax Consultancy

How to Start a Consulting Business in Dubai, and Where to Begin?

The thriving, wide-open nature of the UAE economy is a fertile landscape for consulting firms from all over the world to come here and establish their presence. But one of the first and the most important steps is to successfully obtain a professional license in Dubai. And the wisest foreign business owners choose to depend on the knowledge, experience, and expertise of local consulting firms when applying for a consulting business license and being able to submit all the needed documentation. To an outsider, the process can seem challenging, and some foreign businesses leaders really don’t know where or how to begin. To that end, the pros at MSZ are at your service to help you complete the process as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Consider these steps to map out your consulting business and help establish yourself as a leading voice in the industry:

• STEP 1: Assess your strengths and skillset
• STEP 2: Figure out your marketing/advertising requirements
• STEP 3: Ride the organic marketing train
• STEP 4: Invest in the tools of the trade
• STEP 5: Choose your staff wisely
• STEP 6: Practice your elevator pitch
• STEP 7: Write some client proposal templates
• STEP 8: Set your pricing structure
• STEP 9: Stay organized, stay on task, and deliver results

The bottom line is, whether you plan to go big or go small with your consulting business, you’ll need to possess the relevant confidence, experience, and resources to help other business owners get their respective enterprises back on their track. The rest is all about managing workflow and meeting expectations. We step in to help aspiring individuals or companies who can benefit from our guidance. Still not sure what step you need to take first, or second, or third? Don’t worry, you’ve landed on the right page! MSZ consultancy can walk you through every step of your Dubai company or UAE company establishment process. Contact us to schedule a free consultation now, and we can help you to receive your business license within as little as 3-5 working days. Give us a call at +971525441248, or simply shoot us an email at There’s no need to wait any longer; let’s get started today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I start my own consulting business?

• Hone your skills. For example, if you want to operate within the IT space, that’s certainly a field which requires some technical training, whether by earning a degree, some specific certifications, or both.
• Choose a specialty.
• Register your business.
• Invest in needed equipment and resources.
• Develop a marketing strategy.
• Choose an effective customer/client communication strategy.
• Collect, use, and apply insights gained from customer feedback.

2. Which types of consultancies are in high demand?

• Strategy Consultants
• Financial Advisory Consultants
• IT Consultants
• Human Resources Consultants
• Accounting Consultants

3. Can a consultancy be non-profit?

Yes, there are both formal and informal options. Many consultants will choose to join nonprofit associations for many reasons, including the ability to receive ongoing training and also gain access to potential clients. A few of the available formal options do require you to pay dues in order to join and maintain membership.

4. Is a consulting business a good career choice?

Joining a consulting firm is one of the quickest and most effective ways to build a healthy business network. And if you choose to consult in Dubai, the network you build will likely span across cities, countries, companies, and various levels of seniority.

5. How do I start a consulting business with no experience?

• Start by finding a good mentor or mentors in the business.
• Join a consulting organization to help you learn the language and culture of the industry.
• Work as a contract partner or subcontractor on relevant projects.
• Work as a freelancer at hourly rates once you gain some skill and experience.
• Visit leading consultancy firms to learn more about how they operate and set themselves up for success.

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